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Leaks can happen anywhere, and Wine Cellars are no exception.

Rep Chad Simonek was called out to consult on a leaky cellar to demonstrate high pressure injection using the Injection Pump and 1510 NSF Certified Water Stop Foam.

The wine cellar was a renovated below grade structure with a deck/extended porch above.  The main source of the leak was a pipe penetration and adjacent crack where mastic crystalline grout had failed.

The repair began by cleaning the area with a wire brush to remove the failed grout down to the concrete.  After the area was sufficiently exposed, the crack was clearly visible. A ½” hole was drilled and  the  Evolution packer was then installed and injection with  Water Stop Foam began.

Injection continued till the void around the pipe penetration and the crack were filled. The packers were removed and followed by a 5 minute cleaning of the equipment with xylene and followed by Pump Flush.

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