Why you should have an awning for your deck?

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Springtime has the flowers blooming and the pool bright blue. The weather becomes absolutely beautiful, and you get to soak in the sun. But sometimes the sun is too hot and its rays too bright. This is exactly what an awning protects against. An awning is a must-have for anyone with a deck.

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It offers protection not only for yourself but for your expensive furniture. Just like people, furniture can be damaged from overheating and bad weather. But what weather can do to outside furniture is for a different article.

This article will discuss the benefits of an awning for your deck, as well as how to choose one. Let’s begin!

How to choose your deck’s awning

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Walking into a store or looking for an awning online can be overwhelming, trust me. So it is always the best bet to arrive at a store knowing how you want your awning. Let’s go over a few of the basics of buying an awning so you can be on your way.

Awning Color

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Awnings come in all colors. It is really completely up to you to decide which color fits your deck best. There are no benefits to choosing one color over another. Find out what color boosts the beauty of your deck.

If your deck is incredibly white, maybe add a black awning to offset the color. Choose the color of your awning just as you would choose the paint for a house. This step can be tedious because many people want to get the color absolutely perfect. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Budgeting yourself

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Always go into a store with a budget in mind, especially when it comes to buying awnings. It is always best to not overextend and spend too much money on an awning for your deck. But thankfully, awnings tend to not be too expensive.

Motorized, manual, or stationary awning?

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Mainly, there are three types of awnings you can buy. All of them are unique and useful in their own way.

Motorized Awning

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One type is a motorized awning. A motorized awning carries with it many benefits. These types of awnings come with a motor and a remote, so it takes absolutely no effort to open them.

Just a simple click of a button, and you can watch your awning bring shade over you. Some motorized awnings even come with sensors that can detect too much sun. Also, look into buying a motorized awning if you plan on using an awning every day of the year.

This is because they are incredibly simple to retract. Motorized awnings are the first choice for many people, but they tend to cost more. So take a look back at your budget and see if you have enough space before buying this type of awning.

Manual Awning

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If you plan to use your awning more seasonally, the manual awning may be your best bet. Manual awnings tend to be more inexpensive than the other two awning types. A manual awning offers the same benefits of retractability as a motorized awning.

The only difference is that it takes more work to retract the manual awning. Manual and motorized awnings even share style similarities.

Fixed or stationary awning

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These awnings are permanently put in place and are not retractable. This type of awning is for those that plan to never retract their awning. Many people prefer this awning because you do not ever have to retract it.

This means the mechanisms that retract the other awnings never age because they don’t exist in a fixed awning. In the long run, a stationary awning can save lots of money. But then again, not many people want their deck in permanent shade.

Benefits Of An Awning For Your Deck – Conclusion

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Once you come up with a color, budget, and type of awning you prefer the last step is to make the purchase! Hopefully, this article has helped you create a checklist in your head as you shop for an awning. Your deck’s aesthetic will be incredibly improved with a beautiful awning.

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