Why You Could Benefit From Awnings

Fitting an awning to your house offers a whole host of benefits, not the least being that a well made awning will look great and provide a multi-functional outdoor area that change the way you use your garden. If you’re considering having an awning fitted, but not sure how you would use it or if it would be worth the investment, have a look over the benefits below.

An awning gives you protection from the sun

If you love the outdoors and spending time in your garden, but the sun can sometimes be too much for you, an awning is your answer. A retractable sun awning provides shade and a space to enjoy your garden without exposing yourself or your family to the harmful effects of the sun during the hotter summer months. An automated awning also allows you to enjoy the sunshine for a little while, and then created a shaded area at the touch of button.

Protection from the rain

Rain and drizzle can be particularly troublesome and can stop families from taking full advantage of their garden space. Awnings are sturdy enough to protect you from the rain, so if you have a family BBQ or garden party planned you can be sure a little bit of drizzle won’t dampen the spirits of your guests. With water resistant fabric and a robust construction, an awning opens up a new area of your home for year-round use.


If you want your home to feel bigger, installing a retractable awning above patio doors lets you extend your living space by turning a section of your garden into an additional dining space or outdoor play or relaxation area.

You will not believe how simply installing a convenient and attractive shelter, can change the way you use your garden, turning it into into something special for all the family to enjoy.

Cools your home

During hot weather, if your living room or dining room is constantly exposed to the sun, it can absorb heat during the day and make the room unbearably hot during the evening.

If you have a retractable awning fitted, it will shade the windows of the room and help to reduce this heat gain, allowing you a convenient way to regulate the temperature, without having to have the curtains and windows closed all day.

Your home will look great

If you want your home to stand out from the rest on your street, but can’t afford the cost or the time to deal with the planning permission involved with an extension, then an awning is your answer.

A beautiful, bespoke awning can be fitted at the fraction of the cost of an extension and is much more versatile than having roof constructed on your patio. The design of the awning can be changed and easily replaced, and whether you choose automated or manual operation, you can close the awning to keep it safe during harsh weather.

Le Fong Contractors

Here at Le Fong Contractors, we have a whole range of awnings in different patterns and designs, so if you’re considering creating a multi-functional patio area in your garden, simply get in touch today. We can discuss the benefits and help you find the perfect awning to suit your home, lifestyle, and budget.