Why Does my Roof Only Leak Sometimes?

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The source of a roof leak isn’t always cut and dry. Excuse the pun, but the reason for the leak in your roof may not seem consistent or be easy to determine. For example, sometimes it will rain and you won’t notice a water leak. Other times, you might see water dripping from a light fixture in your kitchen (though the water is actually coming in from somewhere else). We get this question from homeowners a lot, so we wanted to address common reasons your roof only leaks sometimes.

Why Does my Roof Only Leak Sometimes?

Why Does my Roof Only Leak Sometimes?

When many parts of a home’s roof work together with weather factors such as heat, rain, hail, and ice, there are many places and reasons why your roof might leak (but only sometimes). Weather factors can damage, move, bend, tear, and puncture these roof components. As an example, asphalt roofs are designed and manufactured to withstand plenty of weather wear and tear, but nothing is impenetrable and occasionally a leak will occur.

It is natural for roofing components to wear over time. Before your roof visibly looks worn out, it’s possible for a leak to begin. At the same time, a roof may age in such a way that it’s easy to tell how water is getting into your attic and home. (This is one reason to have a regular assessment of your roof to avoid problems.)

Four Common Roof Leaks

Our focus today is on four causes of roof leaks. Even if the leak appears to come from a different area inside your home, this will give you a good idea of where it might be coming from. Your roof can leak intermittently when winds blow just right or if roof parts move as a result of water runoff migrating.

1. Cracks and Holes. Small areas on your shingles can deteriorate over time, and water can slowly pool, runoff, or get blown into these sections. Eventually, the area will become larger, allowing more water inside and a leak to form.

2. Broken, torn, or missing shingles. If your roof is older, or has been through a tough hail or wind storm, your roof could certainly have some damage that could result in leaks.

3. Damage to Flashing. This part of your roof is designed to give a good seal to your roof. If any of your flashing starts to shift or separate, moisture could develop and cause an inconsistent leak.

4. Skylights and Vents. Gaskets and plastic housings age and fail as well. These components can separate and move causing intermittent leaking.

How Do I Find Out Where My Roof Is Leaking From?

Finding your roof leak can sometimes be straightforward. Finding the cause of a roof leak can be difficult if the leak is hidden and infrequent.

Determining where your roof is leaking will require inspection in your attic space, under your roofline, and on top of your roof itself. A roofing inspector will be able to determine where the leak is happening. Paying attention when you have a leak is essential to guiding your inspector as to what is going on and where the leak is taking place, too.

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