Why Custom Made Are More Expensive Than Stock Standard Shower Screen?

In this blog, I’m going to answer some common questions to help you make the right decision and ensure that you don’t go over budget when choosing your shower.

In a stock shower screen or a factory-issued shower screen, the sidelights, door panels, and return panels all come in set sizes.


In order to build that shower screen, you need to take multiple different sizes and try to configure them to suit that space.

With a custom shower screen, we take your measurements completely accurately and then custom-made each panel depending on where you want the joints to be and how you want the style to suit.


Another considerable difference with a frameless shower screen over a stock screen is custom shower screens can accommodate a floor that is out of level or a wall that is out of plumb.

Stock issued or factory shower screens can not do this, the glass comes square and the way that you allow for these tolerances is in your fittings, hardware or channels.


The price of a custom shower screen is more expensive than a stock screen simply because there’s a lot more work that’s involved.

With a stock screen you simply take the measurements and try and accommodate the individual panels to suit that neath or width.

With a custom screen we come to site, we measure your shower screen using a laser and we custom cut that glass with those tolerances that are required to insure that it fits perfectly.


Each panel of glass in a custom shower screen is cut to the millimeter and processed accordingly to insure that it fits the first time.

The main difference in quality between a stock and custom made frameless shower screen definitely has to do with the installation.

With a stock screen when the wall or floor is uneven or out of plumb or level this needs to be accommodated within the hardware or wall channel.

With a custom screen, we can accommodate those tolerances or run-outs within the glass when it’s measured.

This means that that has a consistent edge tolerance between the edge of the glass and the floor or the edge of the glass and the wall insuring that the glass will fit perfectly without needing to fudge it with any type silicone or sealants.

If you’ve got a uniquely shaped bathroom you’re always going to have to go with the custom made shower screen. In this instance I’d recommend that you get in touch with one of the friendly team so we can send a glazier out to do a site consultation and tell you what your options are. We can custom make a shower screen that’s made specifically for your space.