Which Waterproofing Coating is the best?

Do you have a leaking balcony, pooling water, or concrete exposed to water? If you do, you probably already know that specific steps and protective measures should be taken to conserve the functionality and usage of these wet areas. The first step to getting your waterproofing coating right is to select the right contractor as soon as possible when you find the water leak inside your house and property. The contractor would check for faults and eliminate any other causes of structural dampness. Once the water leakage is found, they will come up with some solutions, and after that, you can apply a waterproofer as a preventative measure.


But all that is just the tip of the iceberg. The real question is: between Membrane and Epoxy, what is the best way to waterproof your property, especially in Singapore? Here’s everything you need to know about the best options in Singapore for your new home.



  • Waterproofing Membrane



Torch-on waterproofing membrane

One of the most effective options is a torch-on membrane. It is applied to a surface using heat to ensure a solid bond to the surface. This versatile waterproofing coating method is perfect for low-angle roofs or areas that tend to pool water. You could even install this membrane in the regions that are entirely submerged in water as it is entirely waterproof.


Torch-on membranes are non-toxic and can be applied to your property’s wet areas without noise and disruption. The heat-activated waterproofing membrane is reinforced with polyester to improve its structural integrity, making it completely versatile. This method works like a puzzle, with the pieces being bonded together by heating at their edges to provide a fully customizable solution.


Sheet waterproofing membrane

For buildings with concrete areas frequently exposed to wet weather, a waterproof membrane can be applied using an adhesive to prevent moisture transfer into the concrete. This impervious layer is called a sheet membrane. It is usually used for wet areas such as pools or waterproofing roofs and waterproofing ceilings.


Liquid waterproofing membrane

Liquid membranes are complete and continuous membranes with good flexibility, UV resistance and breathability. This fluid membrane is one of the most versatile options when waterproofing various areas on your property. Its applications can range from waterproofing roofs, waterproofing balconies, waterproofing ceilings, plantar boxed, detention tanks, water features, retaining walls and different wet areas. It is a perfect membrane for waterproofing a terrace, as it is easy to apply and provides a completely watertight seal.


Application of 5-Layers Waterproofing Coating System:

  • Undercoat the surface with one coat of acrylic primer (Lanko 124 or Floor Primer depending on the surface condition).
  • Apply one coat of K10 Sovacryl on the surface with the help of a roll or brush after the undercoat dries.
  • Spread the glass wool net on the surface when the first coat is still wet and apply pressure on the surface with the roll and ensure that the net sinks into K10 Sovacryl.
  • Leave the surface to dry for 4-8 hours, depending on air temperature.
  • Complete the second coat of K10 Sovacryl so that the net on the surface will be fully covered.
  • Perform the last coat of K10 Sovacryl so that the total coating thickness will be achieved, and leave the coating to dry overnight.

waterproofing waterproofing

Application of 3-Layers Waterproofing Coating System:

  • Apply Lanko 124, which is selected according to the surface of the application and leave it to dry.
  • Apply the first coat of K10 Sovacryl to the surface by taking it directly from the bucket with the help of a roll or brush.
  • Apply the second coat after the first coat dries (after 4-8 hours) and leave the coating to dry overnight.

Waterproofing cement roof

2. Waterproofing Epoxy


Another all-purpose option is waterproofing epoxy. With unlimited uses and excellent bonding properties, waterproofing epoxy coatings will never let you down! Epoxy is a waterproofing resin with a safe and non-slip finish, and this quality makes it the best waterproofing coating for flooring, plant rooms and walkways. In addition to its functionality, waterproofing epoxy coating finishes offer a variety of grade colours and finishes, providing you with a functional and aesthetic waterproofing option.


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