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Our roof is one of, if not the most, important components of our house. In Singapore, a lot of waterproofing services are focused on ensuring your roof is protected from the elements. The reason is that our roof is vulnerable to the elements like the sun, wind, and rain. 

Understanding what kind of roof tiles you have is part of ensuring your roof is protected from any damage. Some homeowners may not be aware of what kind of material their roof is made of. Learning about the different types of roofing tiles can be very helpful when you’re planning to renovate that part of your home. Even if you are not planning to change your roof anytime soon, knowing more about your roof can be helpful for you in terms of waterproofing and roof maintenance.

Find out more about the different types of roofing tiles you can choose for your home here.

Asphalt Tile Roofs

The majority of homes are covered in asphalt tiles since they are often affordable and are available in a variety of options that match any style of home. Paper is weaved into old-fashioned asphalt shingles. Paper adds weight and stability to the shingles during strong winds. It can last for many years if you live in a place with a moderate climate.

In addition, DIY asphalt roof installation is possible if you have the right skills, experience, and equipment. It is also possible to repair asphalt tiles.

Some organic asphalt roof tiles, however, have been phased out or discontinued. Rapid temperature changes can cause them to crack. Furthermore, it has a tendency to dry out and become less waterproof, making it more susceptible to absorbing moisture and forming mould. Because asphalt roof tiles need to be replaced more often, asphalt roof tiles can become more expensive in the long run.

More modern homeowners are choosing more energy-efficient and durable materials for their roof.

Wood Tile Roofs

In terms of aesthetics, wood tiles can add natural beauty to your roof thanks to their rustic but neat appearance. It can be found in many architectural styles such as Tudor, Victorian, Cape Cod, bungalows, and cabins.

The beauty of this type of roofing tile is complemented by its benefits for the home. The natural oils in cedar and redwood make them resistant to moisture and insects. When properly maintained, wood tiles can also last five to 10 years longer than asphalt tiles. Wood tiles are twice as insulating as asphalt tiles. tiles are twice as insulating as asphalt tiles. tile is twice as insulating as asphalt tile. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly. Typically made from old or fallen trees, wood tiles can be recycled when they need to be replaced.

Your roof can be less vulnerable to fires if it is constructed of treated wood, which has a Class A fire rating. A non-treated wood roof tile has a Class C fire rating, so it is generally prohibited in high-risk areas for fire incidents.

Experienced people can do DIY installations as faults in construction can lead to quick deterioration and a less effective waterproofing system. Similarly, wood roof tiles are high maintenance and need to be cleaned consistently to prevent the growth of moulds. 

Metal Tile Roofs

Although metal tile roofs may seem like a contemporary idea, it has been used for a long time. The roofs of many old houses with metal roofs  tend to still be strong. Metal has also found a resurgence as many homeowners are looking for durable and eco-friendly roofing options. 

Due to its ability to reflect solar heat, metal keeps your home cooler than asphalt. Metal is also more resistant to rain and other weather elements. A Class A fire rating makes metal roofing suitable in cases of fire.

Metal tiles come in a wide range of styles and colours and can be installed quickly. Furthermore, despite being lightweight, metal has a strong resistance to impact, lengthening your roof’s lifespan.

With that said, the cost of metal roofing tends to be higher. Also, replacing dented metal roof tiles can be costlier than replacing roofs made from other materials. Metal roofs are also not enough for a waterproof result. Metal roofs over open farming can be noisier when rain hits, so you need to spend another layer of wood sheathing. The cost can be worth it when thinking about durability and longevity.

Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs

Concrete and clay tile roofs are modern versions of more classic roofing materials. The material aims to be more robust while maintaining the desired aesthetic. Clay tiles are strong and durable. Concrete tiles are made from a tough and lightweight mix, making them easy to work with. Waterproofing is applied to the finished product.

Concrete and clay tiles can offer up to more than 50 years of durability when appropriately maintained. It’s fire and insect resistant and helps reduce heat penetration for hotter climates. Concrete tiles are also recyclable once it is replaced. 

Moreover, tiles are produced in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Therefore, it can fit into a variety of home styles, including Spanish/Mission, European, Mediterranean, and other contemporary ones.

Concrete and clay tiles tend to be more expensive than asphalt, metal, and wood when choosing this material. Additionally, it is heavier than other materials, requiring more framing during installation. Clay and concrete tiles should be handled carefully during installation, as they can break when walked on.

Here are some of the most common types of roofing tiles you can choose from. Depending on how you want to build your house, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. 

It doesn’t matter what type of roof you choose, the quality of the installation should be given equal or even greater importance. Some types of roofing tiles can be installed by you on your own if you’re skilled and experienced. When reconstructing your roof and creating a solid waterproof system, it is best to seek professional assistance to avoid any extra costs.

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