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Pool Waterproofing in Singapore


Swimming pool leaks typically result in a very gradual water loss, meaning they often go unnoticed until they have cost you hundreds of dollars in lost water. And this waste of water costs the environment as well.

We have over 10 years of experience in the installation and repair of swimming pool waterproofing for pools of all shapes and sizes – including indoor pools and spas. Servicing clients in Singapore we can help protect you from the costly repairs associated with moisture damage through professional installation, leak detection and crack repair services.

As well as below-ground pools and spas, our services cover wet areas all around the home, from bathrooms and laundries to backyard decking and rooftop gardens.


Why choose us?


The waterproofing of water-retaining structures is a careful process requiring quality materials, experienced practitioners, and stringent attention to detail. We have the skill and sensitivity to install and repair your swimming pool waterproofing efficiently and effectively to ensure your peace of mind.

Using the latest liquid-applied membranes, our friendly team can help ensure your swimming pool is a source of summer fun – not a costly burden – by fixing any existing problems and spotting potential ones before they arise.

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