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Nano Waterproofing

HDB Approved

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing


nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

Nano Waterproofing base compound’s high MP/BP and bonding strength also allow the coated surfaces to maintain performance under harsh weathering conditions and traffic.


For Concrete, Porous

A liquid spray-on waterproofing treatment for porous substrates like cement, masonry and stones. It is clever and versatile – offering an industrial grade performance for civil and structural demands.

For Wood

A water based green nanotech penetrant designed to waterproof absorptive wooden surfaces. By making wood surfaces water resistant, coated surfaces achieve dimensional stability.

For Marble

A water based waterproofing treatment designed for surfaces exhibit both water and oil repellency – without altering surface look. Its nano-particles prevent staining and ease cleaning.


Green Label Certified

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

It is the best nano product for waterproofing in Singapore.


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High Performance Nano Particles

It contains the clever and dynamic Titania Nanoparticle (NP).

Titania NPs are responsible for the incredible waterproofing property.


Hard to Beat

We formulate the best suspension to create a stable product suitable even for heavy duty industrial use. Stringent lab practices allow it to function and perform at a much more stable and long lasting rate than other similar / nano products in the market.


Product Specification

Nano Waterproofing is a water-based liquid formulation. It provides effective waterproofing and surface protection for a wide range of building surface types.

With viscosity close to that of water, Nanoparticles (NPs) are able to penetrate deeply into capillaries that no other elastomer or polymer can. This nanotechnology based composition guarantees effectiveness, prolonged lifetime of coated surfaces and ZERO visible change to the original look / shine of the substrate. ​

While traditional waterproofing coats simply create a “film” over the substrate which is subject to weather, wear and tear, Nanoparticles (NPs) embed themselves deep into the pores without clogging up the substrate. This method of treatment makes it virtually impossible to be damaged or corroded. It cannot be removed via mechanical or chemical means.

Yet, due to the incredibly small particle size, Nano Waterproofing treated surfaces remain breathable. This is very important as moisture will be able to escape from inside relieving negative pressure to prevent swelling, cracking and warping.

Its treated surfaces are also more UV resistant. This reduces the “yellowing” effect of surfaces under sunlight.

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    Physical Properties

    Milky white, water emulsion with slight odour

    pH: 7.1

    Boiling & Flash Point: > 100 deg.

    Auto Ignition Point: > 100 deg.

    Density: 1.01

    Viscocity: 20mPa.s

    Not considered an oxidant.


    Safety & Storage

    It contains no hazardous ingredients and is water-based.

    VOC Content: 0.7 g/L (well below limit) Not hazardous at all.


    Surface should be dry and clean. Apply with a brush or spray. No dilution. On very absorptive surfaces reapply within 3 hours. Curing takes 8-24 hours.

    Mixing with Cement

    Replace 1/3 water with Nano Waterproofing during mixing of batch.



    10-15 sqm/L


    Traditional VS Nano

    Traditional Sealer

    nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

    Under weathering and UV irradiation, “plastic membrane” sealers peel out and are removed

    Nano Particles

    nano waterproofing nano waterproofing

    Under weathering and UV irradiation, Nano Particles remain strongly bonded to keep surface water tight

    Nano-particles are engineered to fit into the pores of the substrates. Unlike traditional waterproofing membrane layers, Nano-particles do not form a film.


    Nano-particle has dual-function body:

    (i) Hydrophobic moiety attached to the top of the particle – thereby creating a hydrophobic layer over all the pores, capillaries and surface of the subtrate and

    (ii) binding moiety to anchor the nano-particle directly onto the surface.


    Treated substrates now repel water in liquid state but allow water in gaseous state to move in and out. This creates a waterproof but “breathable” substrate. So even if there is water trapped in the substrate, coated surfaces will still allow those trapped water to evaporate as vapour out of the pores. This reduces the issue of efflorescence or internal water damage and keeps the substrates completely dry.

    Nano-particles are also UV-resistant and weather-resistant. As such, even under extreme heat, cold or sunlight exposed conditions, Nano-particles still stay strongly bonded to the substrate and do not break down.

    Traditional membranes on the other hand tend to debond under heat, yellow under UV-irradiation or break down under extreme temperatures.

    Due to the small size of the nano-particles, the waterproofing coating is invisible as far the human eye is concerned. As such, Nano Waterproofing coatings do not alter or damage the substrate surface. Color, texture, shine, slip-resistance remains as it is. We consider this to be a “non-invasive” repair.

    Waterproofing Technology Comparison Chart

    The following Chart documents the superiority of Nano Technology Coating against other traditional methods of waterproofing.

    Type Crystalization / Flood Infusion Nano Waterproofing
    1. Only micro sized particles are used
    2. Does not tackle issues of major cracks
    3. Often times 50/50 success rate
    4. Often not used alone but with other methods / not a total solution
    1. No hacking required
    2. Bonds well
    3. More than waterproofs – it repels
    4. Longest lasting
    5. UV Resistant
    6. 2 – 3 hours repair time
    7. Nano-sized particles penetrates more pores than flood infusion
    8. Total solution as Nano Waterproofing can be mixed with cement to patch cracked areas

    Advantages of Nano Waterproofing

    1. Nano products are able to store for over 2 years.
    2. Our products coat well and do not form white patches.
    3. We have a class 1 penetration of over 10mm.
    4. UV resistant property across the UV spectrum prevents yellowing.


    Test Compilation / Overview

    Hydrophobic Impregnation Drying Test Class 1
    (High Performance)
    Water absoprtion & Resistance to Alkali
    AR=7% ARalk=1.2%
    Water Absorption under low pressure after 24 hours
    0cm3 absorption for NSC coated surfaces 18cm3 absorption for untreated surfaces
    Water Absorption coefficient due to capillary action Coefficient dropped by 412.5% from 0.33 to 0.08 kg/m2.min2. (extremely effective)
    ASTM E96
    Water Vapour Transmission Test
    Through a 2cm thick cement sample, 20% vapor loss when mixed
    Corrosion Protection
    NSC coating does not rust rebars in concrete
    ASTM E514
    Pressure Drive Water Resistance
    500 Pa for 120houres
    99.4% improvement for NSC coated
    Nano Particles exhibits 3 times more resistance to continuous UV irradiation than standard solvent based silanes / siloxanes

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