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WE supply and install the best waterproofing membranes in Sinagpore for the situation at hand, each situation is different in regard to what membrane we use or recommend you use on your project. We carries a large variety of membranes, as we believe that no membrane can be used in every situation.

We has a large range of acrylic membranes available to suit many different applications and environments. Joints are caulked, and bonding tape used on all expansion joints to ensure the membrane performs to its desired effect. Membrane failures occur most commonly when the application is not given the proper attention needed to ensure no leaking happens.

All installers are trained to identify problem areas and to apply the proper procedure to each situation to ensure the job is done right the first time. It has its own spot check system in place, so we can assure the best outcome for all our projects and peace of mind to the end user of the structure.

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