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No Hacking Waterproofing Singapore


We specialise in No Hacking Waterproofing, epoxy flake on floor surface that provide anti slip and waterproofing effect.

Complete Non-hacking Waterproofing Treatment for your toilets, bathrooms, showers, balconies, roof, kitchens, etc. Saving On Cost and Time.


Epoxy Flake System


Renew your floors and walls with our cutting edge epoxy furnishing treatments. Great for new homes and retail spaces too. Epoxy Flake System is a decorative solvent free surface treatment ideal for use on concrete floors or existing aged ceramic tile, such found in show rooms, toilets, warehouses, kitchen, corridors, etc., when an aesthetically pleasing, anti slip surface and waterproofing is required. This technology originates from Italy.

The system refurbishes existing aged tile easily without the need of demolishing and complex renovation such like hacking and waterproofing. Furthermore, it possible to replace the existing floor design with another choice. No roughing of existing tile is required, as well, the system significantly lower in terms of both time and cost when compared to traditional tile replacement.

The Epoxy Flake System underwent stringent testing and experimentation at local accredited laboratory, to make sure that the epoxy bond strongly to a non-prepared common ceramic tile.


Features and Benefits


checked Slip resistant

checked Waterproof

checked Aesthetically Pleasing

checked No hacking required

checked No dirty and messy job

checked Save time and save cost

checked No peeling off


Area of Usage


checked Bathrooms, showers, toilets and kitchen

checked Balconies, roof and terraces

checked Poolside

checked Basement


Epoxy Flake Color


epoxy toilet


Frequently Asked Questions

Typically for a toilet floor, it would take 1 day for complete installation. (Half day installation, another half day drying period) As for toilet wall and floor, it would take about 3 days for complete installation.

Yes, we provide 1 year warranty against defect on materials and workmanship.

Our high quality epoxy flake material provides a permanent surface that cannot be removed easily. Should there be any damage to the epoxy, it can be easily repaired.

Our product can be applied on any permanent/solid surface such as:

  • Tiles (slate, ceramic, homogeneous, granite, etc)
  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Wood Decking

EXCEPT PVC, Plastic and Rubber.

The epoxy mixture (two part epoxy resin) is applied onto the floor/wall surface using plastering technique. Our professional workers have gone through trainings so as to ensure a fine workmanship.

Once installed, the epoxy flake is permanently bonded with the surface beneath it and can only be removed via hacking method.

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