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Leaking Balcony Repairs, Re-grouting and Sealing


Failure of the membrane causes the balcony to leak straight away. Unfortunately once this leaking process commences, the longer you wait the worst the balcony ends up being and the higher the costs will be to restore it. Improper application of the membrane or just the wrong product being used is usually the main cause of a membrane failure.

Leaking balconies can be a hazard especially if you have not noticed it leaking soon enough.

Leaving the balcony to leak will allow it to gradually deteriorate and eventually it will grow rot and start falling apart.


The most common issues we have found with leaking balconies are:


  • Walls and ceilings start losing their colour including ceilings falling apart
  • Decay and rot spreading down external walls
  • Electrical issues
  • Efflorescence and white salt which is difficult to remove and just keeps growing
  • Smells and unpleasant sighting


Balcony Repair Services


 We repair any leaking balcony without the need to remove tiles.

Balcony looking old and mouldy and just needs to have a good clean, we can help!

Sealing balcony after restoration can be great which gives your balcony a better look in the long run.


Efflorescence and calcification coming up through the grout? Call us today for a free quote!

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