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waterproofing membrane waterproofing membrane


Which is the best waterproofing membrane? Is it the liquid-applied membrane or torch-on? This is a common question asked by architects, engineers, building management contractors, homeowners and even contractors. Both have benefits, but what’s the main difference? Below we’ve discussed the differences between them and the advantages they could bring to you.


It comprises polymers and bitumen bonded to a fibre-glass or polyester reinforcement membrane. It is a unique and particular waterproofing method that is especially effective for flat concrete roofs, in which there is a need for traffic-worthy areas foundations and walls for retaining, flashings, expanding joints, parapet wall the corrugated, IBR roof laps, roofing screws as well as flower boxes, gutters and water-retaining structures. 


The Torch-on waterproofing membrane is renowned for its strength and more rigid membrane created to protect surfaces from water and dampness. Since it’s an action that waterproofs and prevents the risk of logging water on the water-resistant surface. 


A few advantages of torch-on-bitumen waterproofing membrane are:


  1. Compatible with all kinds of flat roofing materials, they could also be used to protect bridge decks, car park decks, green roofing, etc.
  2. Resistance to extreme weather conditions like extreme temperatures, low temperatures, snow, rain, and freeze-thaw procedures.
  3. The life expectancy of bitumen membranes is astonishing, and even as it ages, it maintains its flexibility and elasticity, making it perfect for a flat roof solution.
  4. Stability in dimensions is offered by the top quality bitumen mix, paired with a strong reinforcement, which allows this waterproofing process to support the movement of the building.
  5. Installation is straightforward and is accomplished by various methods, including the torch being applied or mechanically stuck, based on the specifications and the suitability.
  6. The security and peace of mind for the property owner can be achieved by installing a sturdy multilayer, built-up felt-modified bituminous waterproofing system.
  7. Superior resistance to puncturing and damage by mechanical forces compared to other flat roof covers. Extreme resistance is offered based on the requirements for traffic use of the roof surface.
  8. Excellent adhesion to the substrate for an elongated roof construction (demonstrated by peel tests)
  9. Quality control is improved when installing factory-produced bits that contain modified bitumen.
  10. In most instances, when an asphalt flat roof system is at the point of no return in its service duration, a single overlay can be put on the existing system to prolong and extend the durability of the waterproofing.


Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, in this instance, we’ll be discussing polyurethane that is applied using liquid. It is a process in which a liquid-based waterproofing agent is applied to the surface that needs sealing. The description of the method is applied by spraying or rolling on typically by a skilled artist. 


The most preferred method is to employ spray guns, but the best part of the item is that it comes with numerous ways of applications. The waterproofing agent leaves the weapon, and it is applied in a liquid form, but it then dries to form a flexible and blocked membrane that water cannot get through. 


There are many benefits to this fantastic and relatively modern technology:


  1. Seamless. The polyurethane applied in liquid form is applied cold, eliminating the danger of burning by using a torch on.
  2. The spray gun applies the paint to ensure consistency and speed.
  3. Very UV-resistant.
  4. VOC water-safe.
  5. Excellent adhesion.
  6. Water vapour permeable.
  7. Bitumen vapour permeable. This means that it can be used directly on an existing sound torch-on bitumen system without the expense of stripping. This excludes the condition of the torch.
  8. Highly elastic. It allows expansion throughout the season.
  9. Available in different colours that will match your building.
  10. The system is a liquid application that can be used in conjunction with a fibrous membrane inserted into the polyurethane structure that can extend the material’s lifespan.
  11. It can be sprayed underneath tiles, permitting to tile directly over the entire system
  12. It can be applied to different types of surfaces.
  13. It’s excellent for patch repairs in cases where mechanical damage has been caused by mechanical damage.
  14. One component application is ready for application even if no membrane is required.
  15. Removable and easy to recoat. There are also no inter-coat adhesion problems.
  16. The warranties on liquid-applied membrane products are considerably more extensive than torch-on. There is only one maintenance coat required after five years. Torch-on needs three coats of maintenance during the same time.
  17. It can be applied to various surfaces that can be easily used. The characters include ceramic tiles and cement, wood, plastic, metal, bitumen and brick.
  18. Ideal for areas with light traffic.


Waterproofing Contractor Singapore


Are you looking for the best waterproofing membrane service in Singapore? If so, you have two main options to choose from – torch-on and liquid applied waterproofing membrane. Both of these processes have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand what each one entails before making a decision. 


Torch-on waterproofing membrane is a bit more affordable and can be installed quickly, but it isn’t as durable as liquid applied membrane. Liquid applied waterproofing membrane is more expensive, but it lasts longer and provides better protection against water damage. The choice between these two processes comes down to your specific needs and budget. 


Contact Waterproofing Contractor Singapore today for more information or to get a free quote on waterproofing membrane services.


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