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Water Treatment Plant Repair Injection Training on the Jobsite

East Coast Sales Manager Craig Greenfield trains a local general contractor on the  Leak Sealing & Water Stop polyurethane injection procedure.


Using the  1510 Water Stop Foam, P2002 Injection Pump and  Injection Packers. The newly trained applicator was able stop the active water leaks. A successful repair, a further contractor added to the growing  team!

Environmentally Safe

Water Stop Foam is approved for contact with drinking water meeting the NSF/ANSI 61 Section 5 requirements. That means they can be used without having an adverse effect on water quality.

Why is the SealBoss System Polyurethane Crack Injection Essential for Leak Seal Applications?

In concrete structures, leaks are often detrimental to the value and safety of the building.  injection products, such as our Water Stop Foam / HighFoamer formulations, FoamResins and low viscosity injection resins, provide ultimate solutions for gushing water leaks, hairline cracks, and many other water stop issues.

Concrete Crack Injection: How Effective Is It for Leak Sealing?

With  concrete crack injection systems, leaks in concrete structures can be permanently repaired. For watertight seals, we provide water-activated foams, gels, hydrophobic polyurethane resins, mechanical packers, and injection pumps.


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