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Roof Leakage Repair


Roof leaks can cause damage to plaster, ceilings, walls, architecture, skirtings, light fittings and other items and be a work cover issue for specific industries.

  • Are you hearing tapping noises in your ceiling every time it rains?
  • Are you noticing brown stains on your roof or down your walls?
  • Or even worse, is there dampness in your house?

Chances are you have a roof leak!

Finding the exact source of the roof leak can be tricky, as water can enter the roof at one spot but run down to another area before it seeps through your ceiling. Some roof leaks are relatively easy to spot, while others require further investigation.

Small leaks can be challenging to locate but, when left untreated, can prove to be costly and lead to deterioration of the home.


Common Causes of Roof Leaks Include:


  •  Roof panes that aren’t properly sealed
  •  Water accumulation at your chimney
  •  Broken or missing roof tiles
  •  Damaged roof underlay
  •  Blocked gutters
  •  Rust 

Another common cause of roof leaks includes leaking ceiling pipes. This is especially problematic for 2-story residential homes. A leaky ceiling pipe is more than an annoyance – if left alone, it can also result in damage to your ceiling plaster, mould growth and unsightly stains!

Just a few droplets on your ceiling can, over time, lead to the softening of foundations and the collapse of a roof! And don’t forget that water can also make its way into electrical appliances or systems, putting the entire family at risk.

Fixing small leaks in your roof and repairing minor damage quickly will significantly extend the life of your roof. We have experienced technicians who can search and locate the cause of leaks and other roof damage and recommend the best repair solution.

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