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Using non-invasive techniques like thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detection and CCTV cameras and locators, your leak will be found, and a solution reached in no time.

Small leaks can become much bigger problems when they are not addressed. Delaying repairs could result in further loss of water, a larger water bill, more complicated and costlier plumbing repair and further damage to your property by flooding, rot and decay.

Using non-invasive technologies is the most effective way of identifying water leakage issues at your home and business. Leaks can be pinpointed within a metre without the need of digging or intrusive excavation. We use the latest leak detection technology for all your needs in Singapore.

There can be many visible signs of water leaks, but sometimes there are none at all. Leaks may not be easily identifiable if they are underground or coming from pipes within walls. If you can’t locate the leak, contact us for affordable leak detection services. We will leave your home or business in the same condition as when we arrived.


Why is fixing a leak immediately so important?

To keep your home and business safe from:


checked Dangerous electrical issues: Water and electricity don’t mix. Quickly detecting and fixing leaks could be the difference between having an inconvenience and a major disaster on your hands.

checked Structural damage: Damp timber is rife with problems. Quickly repairing a leak means you won’t be inviting white ants into your home or office.

checked Stained ceilings: Water leaks in ceilings cause damp patches that stain. Fixing a leak quickly could mean your ceilings won’t need repainting.

checked Ruined floor coverings: Water leaks damage carpet and timber flooring. Have the leak seen to sooner, rather than later, so you don’t have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of replacing your floor coverings.


Common causes of water leaks


  1. Corrosion and deterioration of pipe joints
  2. Rapid temperature changes causing pipes to expand and contract
  3. Broken waterproof membrane in wet areas
  4. Building malfunctions
  5. Excess water pressure
  6. Broken seals around water connectors and appliances
  7. Tree root intrusion of underground pipe
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