Turbo Seal Waterproofing: An Innovative Leakage Solution

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Turbo Seal Waterproofing: An Innovative Leakage Solution

Ceiling leakage is any homeowners’ headache.

It is not only inconvenience to have water seeping through your house, but it can also pose a danger. If water leaks into a home’s interior, electric appliances can short circuit (and worse, cause a fire), and it can cause structural damage. In addition, finding the right waterproofing solution can be a nightmare for anyone with this condition.

You are trying to solve a cyclical problem when you search for waterproofing services. Most cases of ceiling leakage can be fixed immediately, but most of these concerns recur over time. Furthermore, many waterproofing solutions for ceilings are temporary. As a result, future leaks will have to be repaired. Many of these services entail excavating soil or tearing down concrete surfaces, which are intrusive to a house’s interior. This type of work is more expensive.

Construction industry members are also concerned about waterproofing solutions. In order to satisfy their clients, they need to provide them with services that are costly and worth their money. When looking for waterproofing solutions, it’s important to find the right agent.

Waterproofing Solutions fail because of what?

In the long run, ceiling waterproofing solutions may not be effective for several reasons. It is obviously case-by-case, but most leakage problems boil down to three main causes:

Ineffective Curing

Membranes for waterproofing use a combination of components. These include solid particles. Afterwards, water or solvents are added to ease the application to the surface. This produces a film on the membrane as it dries. This process is called curing.

For a cure to be effective, it usually takes between 24 and 72 hours. Even so, cure times vary depending on factors such as humidity, temperature, porosity, and airflow. When the membrane is not completely cured, it loses its properties.

Adhesive Failure

Another reason for the failure of leakage solutions is the adhesion of the waterproofing membrane. Most membranes adhere to the surface of the interior, though it often requires a dry surface to stick to. The remaining moisture from the leakage may cause the failure or lack of adhesion of the membrane. That’s why experts recommend choosing a membrane that can adhere to damp surfaces.

Poor Product Knowledge

The way the material is applied can also create problems. It is possible to do waterproofing by yourself, but it is not that easy. Effective waterproofing requires many factors, from choosing the right material to how it is performed. When you want to achieve long-lasting results, you need someone with the right knowledge and experience.

Turbo Seal Waterproofing

Turbo Seal is a poly rubber gel that bonds any type of surface, creating a waterproofing membrane that is resistant to water leakage. It uses a mixture of recycled rubber and special adhesives. This results in a flexible gel that is highly responsive to the interior’s movement while retaining its adhesiveness to the surface.

So what makes Turbo Seal from other waterproofing membranes?

Strong Adhesiveness

As mentioned, residual moisture can cause your waterproofing membrane to lose its adhesiveness. Turbo Seal can be applied to any type of surface, even damp or moist surfaces. Moreover, no primer is required for the application.

It is convenient as immediate placement of topping materials can be done with Turbo Seal. There is no need to wait for 24 to 72 hours to cure and you don’t have to worry about how it will react under moisture, which is common especially for solving leakage.

Flexible & Self-Healing

If your home is vulnerable to movement, shocks, or vibration, Turbo Seal can be a great choice for waterproofing. It is super flexible, allowing it to respond to the structure’s movement without losing its adhesion.

Turbo Seal also has self-healing properties. This means that in the instance of damage, the membrane will restore its form by itself, creating durable waterproofing.

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

If you are an eco-conscious homeowner, Turbo Seal is safe for both you and the environment. It is made from recycled rubber (from tires). It also has less than 0.002% VOCs (volatile organic compounds), meaning that it has no odour that may cause danger once infiltrated into the interior. This makes for a membrane that does not cost pollution to the environment and the human body.

Also, if your home is built of green concrete or concrete from waste materials, Turbo Seal can be applied to these surfaces.

Easy Application

Although Turbo Seal is durable, it is also easy to apply. The membrane is made from a single component and is applied cold. Other products don’t need to be mixed or prepared. There is no need to worry about their consistency either. The exceptional viscosity of Turbo Seal remains constant throughout, never hardening or becoming sagging and runny.

It’s also non-invasive, so there’s no risk of harm. Waterproofing does not require the excavation of soil or demolition of concrete. It is easy to waterproof ceilings by drilling 18mm diameter holes and injecting Turbo Seal into them. This can be a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain waterproofing solution.

For the best long-term results, it is always best to ask an expert even if the application is easier.

The Leakage Expert

One of the top waterproofing companies in Singapore is Singapore Waterproofing. Since its inception, the company has built a strong clientele by providing excellent waterproofing services using advanced and innovative technologies. Singapore Waterproofing also offers on-site analyses to determine the best solution for your property.

Singapore Waterproofing offers an extensive range of waterproofing solutions, such as waterproofing for RC flat roofs, pitched roofs, fixed roof awnings, open balconies, wet areas (such as kitchens and bathrooms), as well as walls and basements.

Aside from waterproofing, the company also offers other services such as painting and coating, minor works in construction, and other general contract work, to ensure that ceiling leaks will not be a problem for a long time. Singapore Waterproofing is a reliable waterproofing company that delivers high-quality service every time.

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