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Toilets waterproofing are required to prevent seepage of water from floor slab and walls as toilets involve use of water and plumbing works.

About toilets leakages and signs of leaking toilet

In older buildings, toilets and bathrooms are the most common areas where water leakage begins. This is due to the deterioration or wearing out of waterproofing membrane on the floor over time due. Water then starts to seep in through the gaps between the tiles which might eventually penetrate the slab and intrude into the room below, causing damage to the ceiling and other goods.

Due to wet cement or peeling paint, deterioration of the ceiling can be observed with changes in colour the most obvious. In the long run, it may lead to formation of toxic mould as well as present risks of electrocution. Therefore, effective waterproofing is critical to the well being of the inhabitants. We aim to seal off the surfaces to root from the point of leakages. One way is to use our flood infusion method, a cost effective solution that does not involve hacking and relaying of tiles.

The areas in your home where there is greatest exposure to water are the toilets and bathrooms. Considering the volume and frequency of water daily, it is almost certain for water seepage to occur if the waterproofing systems have been worn out. That will usually cause a leakage problem in the ceiling directly below it or in some cases in the adjacent rooms.

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    A well installed waterproofing system will usually last for over a decade without any leakage issues but properties which are older might face some leakage issues. Some observable signs of water seepage are yellowish or flaky ceiling boards, moist and wet paint work or paster on the ceiling itself, appearance of mould and stains and coarse signs of visible water dripping. In severe cases, bulging walls might also be observed.

    Benefits of waterproofing toilets service

    Here are some benefits when choosing us – the best waterproofing contractor in Singapore:

    • Prevents leakage and subsequent damages
    • Growth and infestation of any kind of bacteria are stopped
    • Improves aesthetic appeal of bathroom
    • Increases the resale value of your home
    • No more grouting
    • Cost-effective and less time consuming

    Our waterproofing toilets method and technology

    When it comes to bathroom waterproofing in Singapore, selecting the right company becomes crucial. By using qualified waterproofing technicians from us, you can rest assured of the correct diagnosis and long-term waterproofing result as we will work with you through every phase of the waterproofing process.

    Casting of Slab and Plumbing Works in Toilets

    Casting of Slab and Plumbing Works in toilets are done in following ways: 1. Either the toilet slab is casted a foot below the outside slab, then plumbing pipes are laid as designed, then cover the pipes with filler materials, followed by tiling on top 2. Toilet slab is casted the same level of outer slab, then holes made in slab and piping is laid at bottom of slab visible from lower floor which is later covered by false ceiling. Benefit of this type is ease for the maintenance, anytime a false ceiling can be opened in case of leakage and plumbing can be repaired.

    Method of Waterproofing of Toilets

    The old method of waterproofing was to make a layer of cement plaster added with chemicals. Modern methods employ waterproofing membranes in this area too. Generally there are two types of waterproofing membranes:

    • Sheet membrane

    • Liquid membrane

    Here we are discussing a method which involves application of liquid membrane along with sealant application to joints.

    Required tools and materials for Waterproofing of Toilets

    Brush, scrapper, paint brush, roller tray, caulking gun Primer, tape & silicon, waterproofing membrane.

    Surface preparation

    Surface to be free of all dust, loose particles, no contaminants, should be scrapped to make it smooth, walls should be brushed to remove the undulations.

    Priming of Toilet Surfaces

    Primer is applied with the help of roller brush up to required height of the wall and then on the floor.

    Bond Breakers

    When the primer goes dry we will use a combination of silicon and tape. Tape to be applied on four walls at required height. This is to ensure that waterproofing is done up to this height only. Sometimes waterproofing is required to complete the height of the toilet walls or sometimes may be 1-foot height only as per the requirement. Silicon is then put in all the corners vertically and horizontally very carefully to ensure no gap is left.

    First Coat of Waterproofing for Toilets

    Start applying the membrane with a paint brush starting from the corners where silicon is applied make sure we pay extra attention to make 100 % coverage as this is the most critical area.

    Similarly, where other places joints are coming at shower fixture, any taps or other sanitary items or sinks in the floor (lay the coat 4 inch inside the holes) make a good coverage. So all critical areas are finished.

    Then take a roller brush and simply apply the waterproofing on all the walls and floor. When applying a roller make sure we are rolling it at a 90-degree angle.

    Second Coat of Toilet Waterproofing

    After the first coat dries, put the second coat similar as above, carefully brush on the corners and joints and roller on the walls and floor, we can use a different color to make sure no area is left of the waterproof coat.

    Some cases along with the liquid membrane, sheets of membrane are also fixed at all the joints, walls & floors. Sheets can be laid along with the first coat of liquid WPM. Finally remove the masking tape from the walls

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