Three tips for checking the health of your roof

You will agree with me that your roof is one of the most important investments in any home. If your roof has issues then everything else in your house will be affected, which is why you need to assess the health of your roof frequently.

Here are some tips to help you perform a thorough health check on your roof.

Roof ventilation

Inadequate roof ventilation can have devastating effects on your roof as well as your health. One of the effects of poor roof ventilation is excessive moisture accumulation that leads to the deterioration of your roof. The excessive moisture also causes metal parts to rust and maybe even break, leading to the loss of shingles. Excessive moisture accumulation also causes sagging or spongy decking which becomes a danger to anyone that exerts undue stress on the trusses or rafters. Poor ventilation also leads to the growth of mould that wafts into the house and causes various health problems, such as triggering allergies or even causing asthma attacks.

A routine roof check can reveal whether your roof is adequately ventilated. As you assess the roof ventilation, you need to check for any blockages (caused by things like moss or leaves). You can remove the leaves with a brush, and for the moss, you can apply a roof moss killer.


Roof leaks and water damage

If you have an attic, climb into it and check for signs of water leaks or if there’s any water stains on the attic ceiling. The other areas to observe for water leakage are the chimneys, vents and pipes. As you assess the roof, look for any holes where light is creeping in – this is an indicator that the roof sealant is damaged.


You need to check whether your gutters are attached correctly and if they are damaged. Loose, clogged or damaged gutters will misdirect water runoff to other areas and cause damage to your walls or even your foundations. In the case of clogged gutters, all you need to do is remove the debris, whereas for leaking gutters you can apply Shield instead of replacing them. Broken gutters, on the other hand, need to be replaced.