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Thermal Plaster has been researched and developed as an eco-friendly high performance substitute material for cement mortar plaster commonly used in buildings.

The Thermal Plaster effectively reduces the amount of solar heat gain into the building and results in significant costs savings with reduced mechanical cooling required. Ease of application on different wall surfaces and great for usage in all conditions.

This product provides a low cost and effective solution towards enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings and providing cooler indoor environment.

Thermal Insulation Normal plastering materials
  1. Cost saving in relation to manpower, materials, less future building maintenance and low utility cost
  2. Low thermal conductivity
  3. Efflorescence free
  4. Reduce cracks and peeling
  5. Non-combustible
  6. Termite, fungus and bacteria resistance
  7. 50% lighter weight < concrete
  8. 100% volatile organic compound free
  9. Increase in productivity and sustainability
  10. Increase in productivity and sustainability
  1. Costly in relation to manpower, materials, usage and more building maintenance such as repair works needed
  2. Non-thermal insulation
  3. Emit efflorescence from wall causing untidiness
  4. Surface shrinkage that causes cracks
  5. Hollowness within the plastered wall
  6. Non Eco friendly product
  7. Non-sustainable, less productive and non-durability

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