Thermal Imaging for Fever Screening


  • Thermal cameras utilizes infrared detector to measure skin (surface) temperature.
  • Health care providers and public officials have been using thermal imaging cameras to quickly scan large numbers of people in public areas for elevated body temperatures that could result from a virus infection.
  • When elevated body temperature is detected, individual proceeds to designated area for further clinical testing.
  • Thermal imaging cameras are effective for quick temperature screening of large groups of people.


Benefits of thermal imaging cameras for temperature screening


Non-contact, reduces the chance of spreading infection ordisease


Temperature measurements are immediate—quickly scan large groups of people


No risk to public safety—infrared temperature measurement is completely safe and innocuous


People can be screened while moving, travel is not delayed

Streaming to display for monitoring via HDMI

(High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

Sending a clear high-definition picture quality via the HDMI transmission to LCD monitor

Old Interface -> New Interface


Measurement & Screening Features

  • High-temperaturedetection (hot spot)
  • Video output via HDMI port to LCD display for monitoring
  • Easy detection with a color alarm
  • Easily focus manually or autofocus
  • Multiple color display choices and brightness levels for best view
  • Large 5.7inch display screen on TiX520

Temperature Measurement & Screening Modes

Thermal Imaging mode in Blue-Red



Temperature displayed by colors. Detect high temperature easily by red color (based on upper limit) and hot spot marker.

Color Alarm mode



Set a high temperature alarm level. Any temperature detected above alarm level is displayed in red color.

High temperature saturation display



Saturation temperature (above upper level range) is displayed in red color on top of grey thermal image.

Installation and screening


  • Use tape to mark area on the floor 1m to 2m from the camera. Focus camera for selected measurement distance.
  • People are to move towards the taped area for camera to screen and move out.
  • If required, use HDMI cable to connect to LCD display for easier monitoring
  • If alarm high temperature is detected, the person should proceed to further checking with medical thermometer.

Installation examples



Featured Infrared Cameras for Fever Screening

Ti480 PRO

  • IR Resolution: 640×480
  • Sensitivity: 0.05°C
  • Digital camera: 5Mega pixel
  • Color Alarms: Yes
  • Compact & Affordable
  • Portable solution


  • IR Resolution: 640×480
  • Sensitivity: 0.05°C
  • Digital camera: 5Mega pixel
  • Color Alarms: Yes
  • Large 5.7 inch display

What is a thermal image?


  • An image representing the surfacetemperature of the object
  • Usually brighter spot is hotter, darker spot is cooler
  • The image shows the surface temperature and temperature difference on the screening object immediately

How infrared thermal imaging works?


Infrared is a form of energy and is a part of electromagnetic spectrum. It is not visible to our human eyes.

Infrared detector inside thermal imager can capture infrared wave.

Thermal Imager detects and converts of energy from infrared spectrum to a visible image.

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