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7 September 2021 - 16:28, by , in Waterproofing Singapore, No comments
If we had to ask you the different types of waterproofing systems, how many could you possibly name, 5,10,20 Well, don’t worry because, in this blog, we will only be mentioning a few specific systems but primarily focus on one. Three different types of waterproofing systems. When it comes to the waterproofing of your property...
7 September 2021 - 16:23, by , in Waterproofing Membrane, No comments
The differences between this fire-based solution and the Le Fong Waterproofing solution. Looking for a sustainable way to waterproof your property? When researching for methods, you are likely to come across the “Torch-On Membrane” method. While common practice for flat roofs, there are some precautions developers and homeowners have to bear in mind when it...

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