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5 November 2021 - 16:15, by , in Basement Waterproofing, No comments
Every spring my neighbor inevitably gets water coming into his unfinished basement. He can clearly tell that his basement walls are fine – the basement is leaking where the floor meets the wall. We figured that even though his basement walls are fine, he might need to dig up his foundation to see the problem....
5 November 2021 - 16:09, by , in Water leakages, No comments
A bathroom water leak is draining in every sense of the word. It’s literally like pouring money away. Households are said to waste as much as 10,000 gallons of water every year from easy to fix leaks. That amounts to hundreds of dollars lost in burgeoning bill payments alone. Then there’s the money required to fix the...
4 November 2021 - 16:50, by , in Balcony Waterproofing, No comments
Winter, rain and ice are often symptoms of higher infiltration risk that, if not resolved, can cause damage to the building structure over time. Usually these types of problems arise from worn or poorly installed waterproofing. Below we’ll look at a few solutions used to avoid or resolve these issues in terrace and balcony floors....
5 October 2021 - 16:39, by , in Water leakages, No comments
Whether you are buying a new house or fixing your old one, the dampness of walls and water seepage are common problems faced by most home and building owners. Here are a few measures which can be taken to waterproof your home. Dampness is the presence of excess moisture on the surface, and seepage is the...
5 October 2021 - 16:32, by , in Waterproofing Singapore, No comments
Sometimes, the biggest property issue you can encounter isn’t inside the house. If you’re unlucky, the next-door neighbour or the one directly upstairs can be the source of infinite headaches, whether it’s in the form of a leak or, knock on wood, a fire. So what should you know when property damage from somewhere else...

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