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3 March 2022 - 15:52, by , in Grouting and Injection, No comments
Superior Hose Injection System  Injection Hose Advantage   Concrete joints are waterproofed and sealed using the Inject Tube Hose System, as well as cracks or voids surrounding the joint. This method ensures that joints are watertight. Waterstop technology in the Injection Tube Hose System is improving toward zero leak tolerance.  Easy to install, Injection Tube...
1 March 2022 - 16:23, by , in Epoxy, No comments
Epoxy Injection Preparation Tips – Installing Surface Mount Tri-Base Ports With Epoxy Injection, all sides of a crack are sealed with a high-strength low viscosity epoxy resin that binds them together structurally. In order to prepare the crack for injection, a wire brush and dust must be used to clean it. For the epoxy paste-over...

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