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5 November 2021 - 16:15, by , in Basement Waterproofing, No comments
Every spring my neighbor inevitably gets water coming into his unfinished basement. He can clearly tell that his basement walls are fine – the basement is leaking where the floor meets the wall. We figured that even though his basement walls are fine, he might need to dig up his foundation to see the problem....
3 November 2021 - 16:06, by , in Basement Waterproofing, No comments
Wet basements are a common occurrence, especially during the rainy season. During this time you may experience moisture seepage that generally happens through the floor and walls. Water travels from underground through holes, cracks, or gaps in the basement. Other factors that cause flooding are clogged or improperly installed drainage systems, leaky pipes, windows and...
29 October 2021 - 16:40, by , in Basement Waterproofing, No comments
Unfortunately, water in the basement is extremely common. From seeping in through foundation walls to coming up through the floor, there are several ways for water to enter your basement. We look at the four signs of water in the basement as well as explain how water leaks into your basement. Plus, we cover how...

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