Swimming Pool Leak Sealing Crack Repair

Pool cracks caused by the settlement of back fill, poor soil condition in general and stressed concrete can lead to leaks, worsening structural damages and water related damages to nearby structures.

Crack Repair Solution

SealBoss Polyurethane Injection Foam Pool Crack Repair Products and Kits permanently repair leaking cracks and joints in concrete, gunite, shotcrete and pebble tech finished swimming pools and spas. Negative side crack injection is conveniently performed from the inside of the structure.

For this type of Leak Sealing RepairSealBoss Pool Leak Repair Kits provide an effective, easy to use water stop / leak sealing crack repair solution by creating an airtight and watertight hydrophobic seal that repels water once cured. Polyurethane injection foam systems are designed to work in wet environments.


Crack injection repair is not a superficial filler, but an in depth permanent repair solutions. The high-density, drinking water contact certified polyurethane foam  expands on contact with moisture and permeates into every crack and fissure during pressure injection – plugging the entire thickness of the concrete pool wall. When cured, this permanent, waterproof resin maintains its volume and flexibility and is not subject to shrinkage under  normal ground movement and thermal cycles.

Structural Repairs and Inspections

While in most cases PU injection is the repair of choice to permanently seal water bearing cracks in concrete structures, there is sometimes the need for a structural repair.

Please be advised that any underlying and all ongoing causes of structural damages, formation of cracks and settling — including, but not limited to, back fill settlement and poor soil density — should be investigated by a specialist and corrected, if deemed necessary.