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Want to change the look of your home’s windows? Want to protect it from the effects of the weather? One of such options which you can consider is installing window awnings. These awnings can add some good features to your house. However, they do have some advantages and disadvantages; once you understand them you will be in a better position of deciding if you are going to install them.

Window Awnings Window Awnings

Some of the strengths and weaknesses are as highlighted below.


Window Awnings Window Awnings

Aesthetically pleasing

Window awnings can assist in improving the appearance of your house. Since there are a variety of awnings that you can get in the market; you can easily get them in various colors, materials, and patterns. You are free to choose an awning with a color that will blend well with that of the exterior walls. The materials which are used in designing the awning usually vary from PVC to linen. However, the good thing about all the materials used in this case, is that they are waterproof. Therefore, they will only prevent strong rays but will also protect your house from strong wind and rain.


In case you are living in an area with neighbors who like gazing towards your house, then installing a window awning can be a good idea. This is because an awning will increase your privacy, making it impossible for passersby and neighbors to see what is inside your house. Also, many window awnings are retractable, therefore they can extend a few meters away especially when you have a large canvas. This implies that you can easily open your windows wide enough to allow fresh air to circulate well at the same time be able to block other people from looking into your house.

This kind of feature can be extremely helpful especially during the summer season as they will offer both fresh air and privacy. Also, your upholstery and carpets will be protected from fading due to less exposure to repeated sunrays.

Reduces electricity bills

As highlighted above, window awnings can deter excessive sun rays from entering into your house. Therefore, during hot weather conditions, you will not be required to switch on your Air conditioning system to enjoy a pleasantly cool temperature. This implies that you will use less amount of energy.

Protection from robbery

Since window awnings are usually installed at a higher level from the ground, they tend to be small in size such that it becomes difficult for thieves to break into your house


Window Awnings Window Awnings

Closed or open

When it comes to window awnings are is no middle ground, since they are either closed or open. Therefore, you will not be able to control the amount of right that will enter your house at any given time. This implies that you will either leave your windows open or closed throughout the day.

Awkward appearance

Many of the window awnings tend to protrude outwards from the façade. This makes many homeowners not to install them. They think it will be difficult for them to view the outside environment. If you install them properly, you can minimize the protruding effect. Such that the idea of installing an awning will be a good design for your house.

Prone to dirt

If you consider the way on how the window awnings open that is upwards and outwards, you will get to know that they are usually exposed to dust, rain, and other materials compared to other kinds of window furnishings. Thus, you may be required to clean them frequently. Something which can be tiresome especially when you have a busy schedule. If you have installed your awning on a higher level, it can be very difficult to reach the outside area.


After looking at the strengths and weaknesses of installing window awning in your house, you can realize that awnings can be an excellent idea. They do have many benefits which can be difficult to get when you install other kinds of window furnishings. Having a good, cooler home and reduced electricity bills are some of the reasons which can make you install at least one awning to determine if it’s the best for your home.

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