William, our Singapore Waterproofing manager, is on site with his experienced leak sealing specialist team applying their creative mastery skills in solving site-based challenges using their experience and progressive techniques that deliver a lasting, high-quality solution based repair.

As a licensed builder, William holds a degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering. He Having spent 16 years working in the remedial building industry in Singapore, he has 22 years of experience in the building industry.

There are many strata, body corporate, commercial, industrial and civil clients that Adrian and his team help by rectifying building defects, such as water leaks, water intrusion/ingress and concrete deterioration, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have to find out if our services can be of assistancet to you.


Times of drought over?

On 27 August 2020, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) announced that we are headed for a possibly wetter-than-average period with a 70% likelihood.

Winter 2020 was in the top 10 warmest winters on record. It started out very dry, but ended with more rainfall than usual. August was the wettest August on records for Singapore since 2016 and now we are likely to have wetter than average conditions over the spring season.



This is great news, but it is good to remember that in late 2019 severe water restrictions (level 2) were implemented in greater Singapore area when the rapid rate of decline of our dam levels reached 40%.

With Singapore’s increased population growth and extended periods of low rainfall, all water utilities in the city face challenges. The levels of major east coast storage facilities fell to their lowest levels in decades.

During times of drought, local councils work with water infrastructure authorities and water utility companies to implement water-efficiency measures and provide support to residents and businesses to capture rainwater and greywater. By maintaining your property’s water supply, you can reduce leaks.

Water is precious, especially during times of drought so it is important that leaks and breaks are responded to as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of water lost through leaks and seepage from water retaining structures such as holding tanks, dams, catchments, reservoirs and water infrastructure pipelines.


It takes licenced remedial waterproofer and leak sealing experts like us at Singapore Waterproofing to ensure that the pathways for water to ingress are properly sealed off. A depth of technical knowledge and experience, along with a proud reputation for integrity and reliability, has made Singapore Waterproofing the go-to company for many Defect Managers working for major construction companies across Singapore.

We at Singapore Waterproofing have the technical and practical expertise to diagnose the source of the leak and will provide you with our recommended solution to achieving an effective, high-quality, long-lasting repair to stop the water ingress with minimal disruption

We believe in and are committed to always delivering high-quality solutions by utilising the right products and techniques for each specific project combined with our industry-leading know-how on tap. We have a large talent pool of specialist leak sealing and concrete repair technicians with Certificate III in construction waterproofing in Singapore that are extensively trained in our systems and project execution methods.

The leadership positions on every Singapore Waterproofing project are operated by highly qualified, certified and experienced industry professionals. Our in-house skills and expertise gained from more than 60 years of industry experience provide a full range of high-quality remedial waterproofing and concrete repair works to commercial buildings, civil infrastructures, industrial sites and residential properties. From waterproofing diagnostics, preventative and remediation solutions – All of our waterproofing solutions are quality guaranteed.