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Slab Lifting and Deep Soil Lift & Permeation Injection Systems

Effective void filling and slab lifting injection procedures rely on stabile subsoil providing sufficient support for the structure resting on top. Whenever adequate subsoil support and conditions are in doubt, it may be advised — soil composition permitting — to consider soil permeation grouting first.

Slab Lifting and Void Filling Grouting are performed by injecting structural polyurethane foam into voids beneath settling or uneven concrete slabs. Stabilizing without excavation and without adding much weight is a proven method. The process of slab jacking is also known as foam jacking, polyurethane concrete lifting, poly leveling, and poly jacking. When compared to other methods of mud jacking, chemical grouting provides many advantages.

Grouting and soil stabilization involve injecting single component, low viscosity, hydro-active polyurethane foam, catalyzed with an accelerator to specification, into soil using injection packers, lances or grout injection needles in order to consolidate and compact the substrate for greater stability by binding the soil particles together. To predict effectiveness, soil composition must be analyzed before any permeation grouting procedure is performed.


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