Six benefits to waterproofing your commercial roof


If you’re wondering why flat roof waterproofing might be a good solution for your business, we have the answers you’re looking for. Even the smallest leak in your roof can let water into your building and cause serious damage. Waterproofing your roof is simpler than a complete roof replacement while still offering many of the same benefits. At the same time, it provides a longer-term solution than a quick-fix repair. If you’re trying to decide between a one-time repair, a waterproof roof coating, or a complete roof replacement, here are six benefits to waterproofing to help you with the decision-making process:


Waterproofing reduces the risk of critical damage. With a waterproof membrane protecting your roof, you’ll have an additional layer of protection from wear, decay, and leaks caused by rain, snow, ice, and wind. At the same time, a waterproof membrane reflects sunlight, reducing the impact of extreme heat and light on your roof. Our waterproofing solutions can last up to ten years, substantially extending the lifetime of your existing roof.


Beyond reducing wear and tear, a waterproof membrane for your roof saves you money in the short-term because it is significantly cheaper than a complete roof overhaul. You’ll also save money because roof repairs won’t be required as frequently, and maintenance costs will be lower. By extending the life of your existing roof, you’ll also experience significant cost-savings in the long run.


Because waterproof membranes reflect heat and sunlight, you’ll save on HVAC costs in the summer by maintaining steadier building temperatures. Some waterproofing solutions may even qualify you for additional rebate and warranty programs. A one-time repair or complete roof replacement won’t have nearly as much of an impact on your building’s energy efficiency as waterproofing will.


A waterproof roof coating seals your building from water leakage. Waterproofing reduces the humidity levels in your building while also preventing the growth of mold. You, your employees, and your clients will all be more comfortable, and you’ll be protected from more serious structural issues in the future.


A waterproof coating is much simpler to maintain and repair than your existing roof infrastructure. When maintenance and repairs are necessary, they are generally much quicker to perform than on a conventional roof alone. The majority of repairs will simply have to be made to the waterproof coating rather than the roof itself.


We can waterproof your roof in about a third of the time it takes to replace a roof. Because waterproofing is a spray applied to your roof, it can get in those hard-to-reach spaces that one-time roof repairs may miss. Our waterproofing solutions are designed to minimize any downtime or disruption to your day-to-day business operations. Your employees will be able to remain productive and on schedule.