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Are you aware of the signs of hidden water leaks in your bathroom? Find out what they are.

Leaks in the bathroom are quite common. The obvious leak in your bathroom may not be a serious issue since you’ll try to fix it right away. Bathroom leaks are usually hidden in hard-to-find areas. By the time they are discovered, they have already caused extensive damage. However, if you know the signs of a hidden leak, you can eliminate them before the situation worsens.

The following are some signs of leaks in your bathroom:

Loose Faucet

The leak in the sink rim is most likely caused by a loose faucet. Accordingly, water must be seeping beneath the base of the socket through the leak. The fix should be simple. It is simply a matter of tightening the base of the faucet from below and re-caulking the unit.

Cracks and Damages

If you see cracks in your bathroom or attached room, there may be a hidden leak. Similarly, if you notice stains, softening, or cracks on the floor, walls, or ceiling of your bathroom, the damages are probably due to a leak. Wallpaper, paint, and drywall are most likely to suffer damage. Additionally, loose tiles indicate a leak. So, if you see any of these damages or conditions in your bathroom or attached bedroom, call a professional to inspect the leak.

Unstable Toilet

You expect your toilet to stay firm when you sit on it. If it shakes upon sitting, you know something is wrong. An unstable toilet is an indication of a toilet flange leak that occurs when the wax seal is damaged or punctured. In this case, you will need to get the wax ring replaced as well as level the floor surface so that your toilet stops rocking. You will need to call a plumbing professional to get this done.

Wet Cabinets

Be aware of moisture or water stains in your bathroom cabinets or those near your bathroom – a leak in the water supply line may be causing this. Taking this lightly is not an option. The valve may need to be replaced if there is a leak, or you can simply tighten the packing nut. However, this is something you cannot handle on your own; you will need to call a plumber to fix the leak.

Musty Smells

A musty, earthy smell in your bathroom means there is a leak, as you would expect in an old basement. Water leaks cause surfaces to damage and give off this odor when it doesn’t evaporate properly. Furthermore, the smell may also indicate the presence of mold, which is common as a result of water damage.

You should therefore call a water damage restoration company if you notice any of the above-stated signs. For water damage restoration, dial or contact us online.



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