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Showers Waterproofing is very important because when it isn’t properly waterproofed, showers can cause a number of household problems: mold growth, damage to the walls and flooring of the bathroom, and even damage to the structure of the home itself. Good waterproofing prevents all the unavoidable bathroom moisture from getting absorbed into the construction material and damaging it.

Why is Showers waterproofing necessary?

Millions of people are highly susceptible to mold-related health issues. So, reducing excess moisture where mold spores thrive is one of the most important aspects of improving your indoor air quality.

Though mold and mildew can form anywhere excess moisture is present, bathrooms are one of the most common areas for mold growth to occur. One study of homeowners in the US found that mold was present in 49 percent of shower grouts and 50 percent of the shower walls. Finding ways to waterproof your shower’s moist environment can undoubtedly help limit or even eliminate unwanted mold growth.

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    Why should you choose our waterproofing showwer service?

    Here are 5 good reasons for choosing our shower waterproofing service in Singapore:

    Stops water leakages

    With gravity, water will always find the easiest and quickest route downwards. If a weak point or crack develops in your floor or walls, or gaps form in the sealant between your walls and bath, water seepage occurs and will soon find its way into the ground floor of your house. This may manifest itself in damp walls and ceilings at a lower level, or worse, drops of water forming on light fixtures, meaning water and electrics mixing, which is never a good thing. A tanked room provides a fully watertight seal beneath floors and walls that will prevent this.

    Prevents damp and mould

    Whilst you can see what is taking place on the exteriors of your walls and floor, it’s what’s underneath that you can’t see. If you are redoing your bathroom, you may have pulled away tiles to reveal damp, rotten looking plywood or plaster. This is caused by water getting through the top layer and penetrating the wood, plaster or brick, which is usually never treated for such things. By adding a waterproof barrier between these surfaces and your top layer (e.g. tiles), you can prevent the build-up of condensation and prevent damp from occurring.


    Not only will waterproof boarding prevent leaks and damp forming, but it is also a great insulator. If external walls form part of your bathroom, you will know how cold those walls can feel to the touch, especially during the winter months, meaning your bathroom requires a greater BTU (British Thermal Unit) to heat it. This, in turn, costs you more money in the long run. Waterproof boarding will help to keep the warmth in and will go some way to reducing your energy bills.

    With level access and no shower tray, a wet room enclosure can be both stylish and functional

    Greater bathroom options

    By building a stud wall with waterproofed boards, you can start to add more designer touches to your bathroom, such as a wall hung toilet and concealed cistern, wall hung basin and handy niches for your essentials. You can also choose to turn your bathroom into a wet room and do away with your shower tray to leave a highly contemporary open plan shower. Your designer bathroom suddenly got interesting!

    Increase your property value

    A fully tanked room shows that time and effort has been spent on providing a quality, professional finish to your bathroom. This, in turn, is a real selling point when the time comes to up sticks, adding value to your property.

    What will we do?

    There are several different ways to waterproof the floor beneath your shower tiles. In the past, most contractors used a rubber or copper shower pan liner that was installed below a traditional mortar base. This system essentially allowed water to seep through the mortar joints slowly. The pan liner collected this excess moisture to protect the subfloor beneath. A potential risk of using this type of system is that shifting or settling of the shower can affect the liner’s slope. This problem leads to the pooling of excess moisture, thus leading to the inevitable growth of mold.

    Today, most contractors have ditched the rubber or copper pan liner in favor of some waterproof membrane technology. These different waterproof membranes are placed directly beneath the tile layer to avoid any water penetration into the cement or mortar subfloor. There are four main types of waterproofing membranes in use today including sheet membranes, liquid membranes, foam wallboards, and foam shower bases. We’ll dive into them below.

    Sheet Membranes

    Sheet Membranes are manufactured from different blends of plastic compounds attached directly to the tile backer board and shower surface. Most sheet membranes have a “peel and stick” technology for easy installation.

    Liquid Membranes

    This liquid membrane is essentially a waterproof paint for your shower. These products are applied with a simple paint roller. Once dried, the membrane becomes an elastomeric layer that stays flexible.

    Foam Wallboards

    Foam wall boards are installed as tile backers that offer structural stability. Because they are made from extruded polystyrene foam, they also provide a waterproof shower membrane. Kerdi Board is one of the most popular types of foam wallboards used for waterproofing showers.  

    Foam Shower Bases

    Foam shower bases are often sold as kits that come with a foam shower curb that is waterproofed in the same way as the base. The equipment might also include a membrane bonding shower drain and seam tape. The foam used in these kits is often the same as the foam wall boards mentioned above.

    The best system for waterproofing your shower floor will depend mainly on your budget and the remodel you are doing. If you are not entirely renovating your shower, liquid membranes are the easiest and quickest to install. If you are replacing a shower, opting for one of the other options will most likely add an extra defense layer against potential future water damage.

    Whether you require waterproofing for your domestic or business property, we promise you to provide reliable waterproofing solutions. We make use of the best quality resources to waterproof your bathroom, so you can rely on us.

    With our experience, we know the right waterproofing materials and how to apply them correctly. Contact us online or call our specialists at +65 8333 7667 for a free quote waterproofing bathroom service.

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