Should I Use a Hacking or No-Hacking Waterproofing Method for Water Leaking Issues?

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Have you noticed a leak in your ceiling after a recent rainstorm? Are you looking for ways to keep your home clean and dry on a regular basis?

Looking for a quick fix to your waterproofing issues but a little confused on how different methods may benefit your home, business, or office? Here is a simple explainer on hacking or no-hacking waterproofing solutions.

As a property owner, looking for waterproofing fixes can be quite stressful! You might be wondering “How many off days do I have to sacrifice for a full renovation of my leaking bathroom?”, “If I take on a no-hacking service, will it be just as effective?”, or “Which is the best solution for my home, office, or business, really?”

First and foremost, what is the difference between Hacking and No-Hacking waterproofing?

Hacking waterproofing requires the contractor to hammer, or knock at your flooring to fix water leakage issues. The contractor will usually be required to hack out your tiles and failed waterproofing membranes to reapply a new waterproofing solution. Once the solution is fully dried, a new concrete screed is to be applied before the new tiles are laid down on top of it. While hacking methods really do help renew your property’s structural waterproofing, this is a very noisy and dusty process!

Many homeowners realise too late that their homes remain dusty even after a thorough cleaning. On top of the mess, you may not be able to actually use your bathroom, balcony, or kitchen during the days or weeks it takes for the solutions to completely dry. That is why we only recommend hacking methods as the last resort when no-hacking methods have failed. Discomfort aside, the micro-dust particles in the air and on surfaces are quite hazardous for loved ones with asthma or other respiratory issues. 

On the other hand, no-hacking waterproofing methods are less invasive. One example of an effective no-hacking method is transparent waterproofing Waterproofing. Our solution deals directly with hairline cracks that cause water seepage issues in your bathroom, kitchen, balcony, or even car porch. We use an innovative transparent waterproofing solution that penetrates deep into surfaces, providing grouts and flat roofs hydrophobic protection that prevents water from getting absorbed into the concrete. The Greek technology we use to create our solution has been certified by the world’s most stringent environmental standards from the ISO and the Singapore Green Labeling Scheme. To add to that, we are appointed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as the go-to experts in waterproofing maintenance and rectification for government hospitals nationwide.

No-Hacking Waterproofing No-Hacking Waterproofing

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