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Ceiling leaks are one of the most frequently encountered interior issues that homeowners in Singapore deal with. This seems like a straightforward issue that could cause much damage to your home if it is not taken care of properly.

You were removing the ceiling’s waterproofing as fast as you could save the structural integrity of your home. However, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that the repair process is carried out promptly.

If you’ve not been in charge of ceiling waterproofing in Singapore in the past, it might be difficult to determine what’s incorrect. To aid you, here are seven typical errors that can be made during ceiling leakage repair. 


Ignoring Leakage Signs


As a homeowner, you must be aware of the early symptoms of leaks in your ceiling. It’s not too difficult to spot these signs since they’re usually obvious visually. In addition, knowing the root of the leak helps determine the best procedure to address the issue. In other words, you’re not addressing the problem at hand, which could cause you to fix your ceiling multiple times rather than just once.

The signs of water leakage are changing colour on the ceiling’s surface, peeling off of ceiling paint, the appearance of mould, and the damp or musky smell throughout the house. If you are noticing any of these indicators, then it’s time to take action to stop it. In the past, not heeding these warning signs could result in more problems for you in the future.


Making a Do-It-Yourself Task


Fixing leaks in your ceiling isn’t as easy as you believe it to be. Many homeowners opt for Do It Yourself repairs due to the belief that they will save money by reading the instructions on the internet; you’ll think it’s not too difficult. If you’ve got the training and expertise in ceiling leakage repair, it could be the scenario.

But, it’s not all about purchasing a DIY wall waterproofing tool and then calling it a night. You must be aware of how to tackle particular leakage issues. If you feel you’re not proficient enough, do not hesitate to contact an expert. Inexperience and ignorance can lead to incorrect results and could result in more harm. You could end up spending more money than you’re required to.


Making use of cheap fixes


Be aware that when doing ceiling leakage repair, do not be reluctant to make a decision about investing in your property. While trying to save money often, homeowners opt into the trap of settling for inexpensive fixes. There are no solutions to having a home that is waterproof. The cheaper options don’t provide long-lasting results, and they don’t tackle the primary problem. It is possible that you will be spending more later on. Don’t worry whether you are spending too much since waterproofing the ceiling in Singapore isn’t as costly as you think it would be.


Not Using The Correct Materials


Another issue when it comes to ceiling leakage repair is that you’re more likely to make use of the wrong materials to fix the issue.

Although it may be advertised as waterproofing, waterproof paint is more like a layer instead of absorbing sufficiently deep to give lasting waterproofing. Furthermore, it is true that not all waterproof membranes are impervious to vapour. The leaks in ceilings can be because of moisture. That’s the reason why areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are at risk of the problem. Epoxy grouts and sealers applied over cementitious grouts aren’t waterproof to steam and vapour.

A professional’s advice can help to identify the right materials that you require to fix the ceiling issues.


Puncturing Waterproof Membrane


The most serious mistake to avoid ceiling leakage repair is to puncture the membrane that is waterproof. Perforations to the waterproof layer must be avoided, particularly when it comes to horizontal surfaces such as the ceiling, as water could be able to collect within the area. The cause of the punctures is nailing into the membrane or using screws and nails to stack layers of waterproofing. Interior spaces are more vulnerable to this issue as it requires screws or nails to fix membranes correctly. Be sure to stay clear of it at all costs so that the efforts you put into waterproofing do not go to waste.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The process of removing a ceiling with popcorn yourself isn’t just messy work; it could cause serious damage to the ceiling and cause costly repairs if you fail to perform it properly, according. In some instances, it is possible that popcorn removal could create asbestos, which is a very harmful toxin to be avoided and handled by someone who isn’t sure of how to do it. Before you begin work on the removal of a ceiling with popcorn, be sure to get it examined to determine if it contains asbestos.


Selecting the Wrong Contractor


Another reason that homeowners select the DIY choice is that they’re hesitant about inviting strangers into their homes to solve the problem. But, as previously mentioned above, it is preferential to consult a professional concerning the waterproofing of your ceiling in Singapore.

In the end, be sure to avoid falling for companies that give false promises. If you hire the wrong contractor, you might have a faulty waterproofing system or leaks, as well as the cost of hiring a different contractor.

If you are looking for contractors, you can contact Waterproofing Contractor Singapore. When you have found a waterproofing service you like, you can ask them questions about their background, experience, permits and insurance to ensure the quality of the service you get.

Additionally, not all housing, as well as waterproofing methods, are created equal. Make sure you contact Waterproofing Contractor Singapore, our professional who specializes in ceiling waterproofing in Singapore will ensure the highest quality outcomes.


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