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Does your roof look old and dirty or has been leaking lately? Is it more than 10 years of lifespan? Not sure if you can restore your roof or should replace it? Find out the reasons why restoration may be a better choice.

1. Restoration Is Easier & more cost effective

A complete roof replacement can be expensive, especially if the current roof has to be removed first. Restoration, on the other hand, requires less labour and materials, and so it costs less.

2. Restoration Extends Your Roof’s Life

A standard roof has a lifespan of 10 years upon Temporary Of Permit(TOP) — re-roofing can add 3 to 5 years of lifespan to the roof. You can defer complete replacement and make future plans for budget.

3. Restoration is More Environmental Friendly

The roofing waste end up in landfills annually. By re-roofing your existing roof, it is a much more environmentally friendly option. Plus, it can make your building more energy efficient.

4. Restoration Provides Tax Benefits

Re-roofing is a maintenance expenditure, while replacement is considered a capital expense. In most cases, you will pay less tax on maintenance by taking the current deduction versus capitalizing the expense and recovering the cost through depreciation. For more details, you may check with Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore. Since roofs have an average life of 10 years, it’s wise to extend the useful life of your roof as long as possible.

5. Start with a Visual Inspection

Whether the roof can be restored, it can be done by your good-self thru simple visual inspection. Some things to look for are pools of water pond (a guide line would be it covers a $1 coin), tears or blistering in the existing roof membrane, dampness, sweating of wall and gaps in flashing. These issues can accelerate the deterioration of the roof cover and lead to leaks, mold growth and failure during a heavy downpour. Problems can also be detected from inside the building — water stains, mold growth and unusual odors are indicators of possible roofing issues.

6.Get a Professional Consultation For Free

If any of the above problems are present, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional who can conduct a thorough inspection. This inspection should include use of equipment to locate moisture beneath the surface, a core analysis of underlying materials and an examination of the roof’s gradient. A short report to identify your roof’s condition and recommended solutions, including a cost/benefit analysis of re-roofing versus replacement. If damage is minimal, or limited to a small area, re-roofing is likely the best option. Replacement is usually required if damage is extensive.

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