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Roof Tile Supply and Installation

If you need advice on roof tiles, re-roofing, roof restoration /repairs, or the complete supply and installation of a new roof, we will provide you with prompt, efficient service using only high quality products that are guaranteed to last.

Roof Restorations and Re-Roofing

Our professional re-roof and restoration services are designed to rejuvenate your roofs performance, improve your homes street appeal and potentially increase its value. We complete one section of your roof at a time to ensure that your home is never fully exposed to the elements. This also eliminates the need for roofing tarps, which in turn results in a more cost effective service for you.

With a team of specialists, we cover it all:

  • Detailed condition inspections
  • Efficient high pressure cleaning
  • Removal of existing tiles
  • Tile matching

Planning an extensions / renovation to your existing home?

To ensure we achieve your end goal, we will come out to your home to inspect the extension going on. Before finalising any plans, we will check the following items:

  • What roof tile it is that we will be matching
  • The pitch of your roof
  • The access into your property

Working closely with you to ensure all your expectations are met, we can supply new roof tiles to ensure a seamless look. The quotation we provide will contain a detailed plan of your roof outlining where the new tiles will be laid and where we will reuse the existing tiles.

Building a new dream home – you’ll need a new roof!

To obtain a tailored quotation, please provide us with:

  • Your plans and your contact details either by uploading them in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website or email to us.
  • An idea of the tiles you are interested in as well as your preferred roof tile profile and colour

Once we have received all the information required, we will promptly send you a quotation and if required, a sample of the new tile.

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    Our re-roofing specialists coordinate the entire project in a quick, efficient manner to minimize any disruption to your household.

    New Roofs

    We offer a complete supply and installation service for all types of buildings, using only quality roof tiles.

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    Roof Restoration

    Our professional tile roof restoration service will breathe new life into your family home, improving its street appeal and its value.

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    Roof Replacement

    When we replace roof tiles, we do not just replace the old tiles with new ones. When we remove the old tiles, we will then inspect the roof’s structure to evaluate if the structure is still sound or not.

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    Roof Rejuvenation

    For every roofing job that we take on, we inspect the roof thoroughly. For roof rejuvenation, we inspect to ensure that proper waterproofing is at every corner and joint.

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    Roof Insulation

    Roof insulation is great investment as it repels heat and your home stays cooler. This could also mean less electricity usage to keep your home cool.

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