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Roof Remodeling


When your roof is severely or moderately damaged by the lack of prevention and maintenance during the extremities of Singapore weather, it may be time for a roof re-modelling. A roof re-modelling sounds like a large job that’ll cut deep into your pocketbook. However, with the pros at Le Fong, you can expect to pay less for the best roofing services around!

Roofing Remodeling

A roof re-modelling is often suggested to those with old, worn down roofs. After so many years, it’s almost impossible to conduct a re-roofing project or roof repairs when normal maintenance was never administered. After our roofing contractors conduct an inspection of the roof, they’ll determine what route is best for your situation. Often times, a roof replacement is suggested. In this case, our roofing contractors will go over all your options including the materials to use, the structure of the new roof, and all other pertinent details.

Once you have your roof replacements details sorted out, you’ll be given a FREE, no obligation quote. We like to keep our rates low and the quality of our workmanship high. This has earned us a reputation as one of the greatest roofing replacement companies throughout Singapore.

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