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Looking for roofing specialists? Look no further than Le Fong Building Services. We are a team of professionals whose services cover new roofs to gutter replacement, located in Singapore.

Whether you’re building a new home or business, or you purchased a structure that needs a complete overhaul, come to Le Fong for all your roofing solutions. We provide top of the line roofing services including new roof construction. When you’re in need of an entirely new roof, give us a call to see what we can do for you. We are sure you’ll love all your options and what we come up with as we discuss your hopes for the new roof.

New Roof Construction

New roof construction is often less time consuming and expensive than one might think. With the right contractors on the project, your new roof will be up and secured in no time. Of course, it all depends on the size of the job as well as the materials used to create the rooftop you want. We offer many different materials including sheet metal, asphalt shingles, flat roof designs, and even solar options to help you save energy and keep the cost of living low.

Roof Construction Repair Services

  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Re-bedding and re-pointing
  • Changing or repairing flashings
  • Guttering and down-pipe replacement
  • Treating leaks
  • Changing rusty sheets
  • Replacing loose nails or screws on a metal roof
  • Treating minor surface rust
  • Roof Maintenance

A well-maintained roof lasts significantly longer than a neglected roof.

Roof is the most important asset of your home and hence roof maintenance is a very important part to ensure you get maximum life from your roof. It is often noticed that once the roofing system breaks down, the rest of the building system too starts to break down. Therefore keeping your roof in a prime condition is very essential, and if maintenance is required, it needs to be employed in a good way.

There are certain areas that need your attention right away:

  • Ridge capping and hip re-pointing
  • Gutters
  • Leak resolutions
  • Slipped or broken roof tiles

Le Fong offers a complete range of roofing services including maintenance checks, roof repairs, gutter replacements, etc. We have an experienced professional team having deep knowledge and expertise in delivering quality services and satisfaction to our clients by offering long-term results.

At Le Fong Building Services, we know what can be repaired and when it needs a replacement. Our roof maintenance service include inspection for any displaced or cracked roof tiles, check flashing, gutter and down pipes, inspection of need for replacement of tiles and re-insulation of ceiling, check old cement mortar and ridge capping and inspection for sufficient ventilation.

Roof repair and maintenance significantly extend a roof’s life and lowers the greater risk of structural damage. We will work with you to repair and maintain your industrial, commercial or residential roof in such a way that it makes sense for your building as well as your budget. You can trust us for excellent services all throughout Singapore.

Roof Cleaning

Is your roof covered with unwanted thick lichen and moss growth?

The unwanted growth of lichen, moss, algae and stains on your roof not only has a negative impact on the look and feel of your property, but it also obstructs the effective runoff of the rain water. They can also mask small cracks in your roof which will allow water to enter your roof cavity and reduce the life of your roof. When you have such problems in your roof, it’s time to take help of professional roof cleaning services.

We can help you with professional roof cleaning services. Our services are useful for homeowners and commercial property owners aiming to maximize the value of their property and increase the general cleanliness of their property. Our professional roof cleaners are best in the business and use the right equipment, and most environmentally friendly working practices.

We employ a number of methods including power washing, soft washing, air blowing and more. Our professional and courteous cleaners will remove the moss, lichen and algae buildup from your roof to bring it back to looking like new. You can be rest assured your roof cleaning needs are in safe hands.

We will also remove unsightly stains and other foreign matter deposits from the roof to enhance the appearance of your home.

We understand your roof is an extremely important part of your property protecting you and your loved ones. With over many years of experience in cleaning commercial and residential roofs, you can be assured of a professional service with the utmost of care.

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