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Get ahead early, reduce the risk

– Perhaps most importantly, reasonable planning and action provide peace of mind


Singapore Waterproofing was hired to treat the damp walls of this lift shaft. Our client, the building’s facility manager, reported that the walls of the lift shaft were damp only after rainy periods, and that no water had infiltrated the lift pit floor. As part of their maintenance and repair plan, they scheduled the waterproofing work to help prevent future issues with the lift caused by water.

Through proactive maintenance and repairs, our client was able to address the moisture issue early on, before it developed into a much bigger problem.

If water is leaking into the lift pit or the lift shaft, there is a real risk of costly damage to the lift and the situation might even become dangerous if it is not addressed.

Our leak sealing specialist performed high-pressure leak sealing injections along the perimeter of the lift shaft as a remedial waterproofing solution to treat the dampness of the walls.

This system seals cracks to their full depths by applying a flexible seal. The injection system creates a three-dimensional waterproof seal inside the building element by injecting a high-quality hydrophilic polyurethane resin under high pressure. Additionally, it offers additional protection to any reinforcing steel in the path of the crack, and slows the corrosion of any possible compromised reinforcing steel or yet to be compromised areas.

Once the leak sealing injections were completed, the injection ports were removed, and the holes and cracks were plugged with repair mortar followed by a thorough surface preparation of the walls before installing waterborne epoxy (WBE) reverse side waterproofing barrier system to the walls.

We at Singapore Waterproofing can remediate your leaking lift pit and lift shaft to a dry and safe condition and help protect your asset from breakdowns caused by water ingress.

We leak seal and install waterproofing systems to lift pits that are of any age in hotels, commercial buildings, factories, multilevel apartment buildings, schools, aged care facilities and hospitals.

Get ahead on your maintenance and remedial repair work plans to help ensure that your building’s minor problems are fixed today so that they do not become major problems tomorrow.

A small fix that prevents damage to assets and deterioration of the building is an extremely cost-effective and reliable way to retain the building’s value. Perhaps most importantly, reasonable planning and action provide peace of mind.

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