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Movex is located in Singapore to support and supply the world’s leading expansion joint and waterstop materials throughout South East Asia (SEA), Australia and New Zealand.

  • Guard Pro Torch
  • Guard SA Pro
  • Guard Mix Crystal Pro
  • Movex Hydro-PolyGel
  • Movex STPro 100
  • SwellPro
  • SwellPro FTR
  • SwellPro FTP
  • SwellPro PS125
  • PVC Waterstop Pro Series
  • RGT-1 ProTube & AcrylGel S.E.A. PRO
  • MVX SealPro
  • MVX 6000 & MVX WB Primer
  • DualPro W/D Adhesive
  • PolyPaste


Vexcolt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of expansion joints, movement joints and fire barriers.



  • MicrAtec Series
  • IntrAtec Series
  • MaxAtec 100 Series
  • MaxAtec 200 Series
  • MegAtec 300 Series
  • MegAtec 600 Series
  • TransAtec 1100 Series
  • FlexAtec 1000
  • FlexAtec 1200 Series
  • OmegAtec 1300
  • Fireflex 2000 Series
  • ElastAtec 1400
  • AquAtec 1500


JP Specialties, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of chemical resistant waterstop and waterstop welding equipment.


  • TPV Waterstop
  • Stainless Steel Waterstop
  • HDPE Waterstop
  • Waterstop Accessories
  • Column/Pipe Fitting
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