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PU Grouting Injection

What is PU grouting?

It is a standard method used to stop water leakage. PU stands for polyurethane which has the hydrophobic characteristic. It is widely used to repair the cracks in concretes and honey-combed concrete by pressuring the chemical into the defective areas using pu injection grouting machine  . 

 When the PU (polyurethane) expose to the Water, the chemical reacts and expands and becomes foams to seal the concrete pores and cracks. The expansion of the PU can be up to 20 times the volume injected.

It is no doubt the most effective leaking crack repair method in concrete. The widespread use of polyurethane for concrete crack injection is a tribute to the inherent versatility of low viscosity polyurethane injection resins for leak sealing applications. It is commonly used in civil, commercial and residential applications.

 Properties of PU (Polyurethane)

Polyurethane is a fluid resin which is injected into concrete cracks, rock fissures, expansion joints and other voids in concrete structures. When used in concrete crack injection applications, the polyurethane is injected into a crack; within minutes, the polyurethane undergoes a chemical transformation from a liquid to a solid.

The versatility, and consequently the popularity, of polyurethane resins in crack injection applications, stems from polyurethane’s properties:

  It has a short cure time, which is ideal for active leak sealing.

  •  Extremely low viscosity allows for even the finest fishers (cracks with a width less than 0.2mm) to be sealed.
  •  The resin cures typically whether a foundation crack is wet, actively leaking, or damp.
  •  There are thousands of polyurethane resin formulations which is useful when repairing foundation cracks because the viscosity of the resin and cure time can be controlled.
  •  Polyurethane, once cured, can be pretty flexible, allowing for movement in the structure and leak leaks to remain sealed.
  •  Any leak in a concrete structure can be sealed.

 PU grouting injection is used in Civil Construction and maintenance of Civil Assets due to its application flexibility and reliability in repairing cracks and damage in concrete structures. It is the most efficient and cost-effective method of repairing leaking cracks in significant definite assets.

 Applications include:

 Civil Water – treatment plants, town water supply, pump stations, channels, canals

 Sewage Treatment Plants – high voltage electrical pits, utility holes, chemical storage areas

 Dams – diversion tunnels, dam walls, permanent plugs, dam walls, weirs

 Tunnels – rail, road, access and electrical

 Underground Structures

 PU Grouting Contractor Singapore

 How can we help you? With more than ten years of experience, our team can offer you the best service for your project.


Once we receive your enquiry, We will arrange a team to visit your site for inspection. Not all water leakage issues can solve through PU injection, and our Team will give you advice based on the situation you are facing.

  1. Identify Causes

After the diagnosis session, we will propose the PU pressure grouting solutions to you. If the PU Grouting Solutions is not feasible, we would suggest other treatments to rectify the leakage.

2. PU Pressure Grouting Injections

They are performing the PU pressure grouting Injections with the warranty given.

3. Monitor

Once the PU pressure grouting Injection is done, the owner shall monitor the repair over time. If there is a need, our Team will re-visit the site for inspections.

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