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We investigate and cure leaks by the use of Resin injection and cement based polymer modified grouts to waterproof construction joints cracks and honeycombed concrete.


Whatever the problem we have a material and a technique to complete a remedy. Our surveyors investigate, report and recommend the correct course of action and supply fully itemized costs for all aspects of the work including itemizing relevant necessary main contractors work.


We then carry out the work to the highest standard possible and leave you in the safe knowledge that the leak has been repaired and your basement is now water tight.


Joint Injection


The resin injection of construction joins has to be carefully considered as the join needs to be able to open and close. If the choice of material is incorrect or the join is incorrectly or over filled problems can be caused.


Our resin injection engineer has over 10 years experience with resin injection on some of the most technically challenging projects ever undertaken.

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