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Epoxy Injection Concrete Repair

Epoxy injection is an ideal way to structurally repair cracked concrete, seal leaks, and stabilize vibrating machine bases. Injection epoxy resin products are specifically designed to be dispensed through two component mixing and metering injection equipment, epoxy injection adhesive are all 100% solids and contain no solvents or fillers.

We offer installations with a wide selection of specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, high structure temperatures, chemical and radiation resistance, large voids, narrow cracks, plate bonding, wooden beams, and structures subject to vibration during installation. We are well known worldwide to be a recognized leader in the crack repair technology. With its wide selection of concrete repair materials, we specialized equipment and experienced technicians is able to repair and seal concrete cracks as small as 0.05 mm (0.002″) in width.  The concrete crack at beam structure are serious cracks.

When done properly, it can provide effective long-term repairs that stabilize the structure so that it can last for many years without issue. The process is regularly used in restoration applications such as repairing old concrete buildings, bridges, tanks and more. It is also valuable for adding strength to walls and beams made of concrete or metal that have weakened due to age or other factors.

In addition to sealing cracks, epoxy injections can be used to reduce water infiltration through porous materials, protect steel against corrosion, seal mold and mildew growth, repair joint damage caused by movement, and much more.

It requires careful technique and specialized equipment due to the properties of the material involved—for example its chemical reactivity, fast curing times and its ability to absorb water from wet substrates (which affects the formability of the cured material). This means that the best way to make use of this technology is usually by hiring an experienced contractor who has worked with epoxy injection projects before. Le Fong Building Services can give you free quote for epoxy injection crack repair cost.


All concrete and wood structures 

It is an application used to restore and enhance the structural or design strength of cracked concrete and wood structures. It helps to plug up and protect cracks from further deterioration, stemming corrosion or damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Additionally, this procedure prevents air, fluids, and water leakage by providing an waterproof seal. It is far more cost efficient than a remove-and-replace option for repairing cracks in concrete structures.


Epoxy Injection Epoxy Injection Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure

Epoxy Injection Epoxy Injection Seal and protect cracks from further deterioration.

Epoxy Injection Epoxy Injection Eliminate concrete spalling initiated by cracking and aggravated by freeze thaw cycling

Epoxy Injection Epoxy Injection Stop the leakage of air, water and fluids through concrete structures

Epoxy Injection Epoxy Injection Inexpensive when compared with the remove and replace option

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    What is low viscosity epoxy injection method?   

    The method is a repair technique used to structurally bind cracks in concrete. It uses a two-part epoxy resin compound injected directly into the crack, which binds together the broken edges and prevents further spreading. This technique can also be used to fill in voids or seal leaks. Preparation Tips

    In which condition crack repair by epoxy injection is not used?

    It is typically performed on dry substrates versus polyurethane injection that works very well on wet and actively leaking substrates. It is the preferred method  where structural crack repair is desired. It should be avoided in areas with high humidity and leaks, as well as other cases such as cracked or settling foundations, unstable soils, and active termite infestations.  Epoxy versus Polyurethane Crack Injection