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Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting Singapore


Epoxy grout is the pinnacle of all grouts. Generally used in the past for more commercial based surfaces, it has started to become quite popular in residential surfaces. Epoxy grout is a more difficult product to use over your standard grout; the contents need to be mixed thoroughly to achieve the best results.

It needs to be applied a lot quicker than normal grout as it dries up in the a lot quicker, although it requires more work to apply. Residue needs to be removed within 20 minutes of application and excess will be repeatedly washed away with a cleaning solution.

There can be excess fumes during the process and all necessary precautions will be explained and utilized during the process. Overall there is a lot more work involved, however the benefits are worth it;


Benefits of Epoxy Grout include:


checked Does not stain

checked Protected against chemicals

checked Is a 100% non porous product

checked Last a life time

checked Can be used on floors and walls

checked Does not require sealing

checked Large range of colours to match tiles


Areas for epoxy grouting and regrouting:


checked Bathrooms

checked Showers

checked Floors in common areas

checked Kitchen splashback tiles

checked Balconies and garage floors

checked Pavers and patio areas

checked Pool surroundings

checked All wall areas internal and external


Common reasons for regrouting are:


checked Leaking showers

checked Cracked grout lines

checked Leaking balcony floors

checked Missing grout lines

checked Permanently stained grout lines

checked Efflorescence deposits

checked Choice to change the colour of grout

checked Crumbling grout lines

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