Polyurethane vs. Epoxy: Which System is Better on Industrial Floors?

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Are polyurethanes better? Are epoxies better? These questions have probably crossed your mind when choosing the best system for your industrial flooring job. So, which one is it?

The answer is…Both polyurethanes and epoxies have excellent characteristics; the chosen system will be based on what is best for the environment and not on the overall material.

Here are some advantages of polyurethanes:

  • Let us say that Mapefloor CPU products are being installed in a cooler. Once the products are applied and fully cured and the cooler is in service, the floor of the cooler can withstand temperatures up to -40°C (-40°F). Due to their elastomeric properties, MAPEI’s Mapefloor CPU systems have good resistance to shrinkage and good flexibility whereas epoxy-applied systems in the same environment will crack and delaminate over time.
  • For industrial environments that treat, process and package food and beverages, the flooring must meet high-performance requirements. Our Mapefloor CPU systems provide chemical resistance, resistance to temperatures and thermal shock, mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion.

The two best characteristics that polyurethanes have to offer are the following:

  • Polyurethanes that are fully cured leave a matte finish on top of the substrate that hides a lot of imperfections due to troweling, which is an advantage for Mapefloor CPU products that are used as a handcrafted system.
  • Due to the elasticity in Mapefloor CPU systems, they will absorb heavy impacts whereas some epoxy systems may crack.

Before you select your Mapefloor CPU system, make sure that you understand your clients’ unique requirements and you ensure that the proper materials are being used in the correct environments.

Source: MAPEI

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