Polyurethane (PU) Crack Injection Contractor to Stop Water Leakage In Singapore

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Polyurethane (PU) Crack Injection Contractor to Stop Water Leakage In Singapore


water leakage water leakage


Are you worried about water leakage? It’s the moment to contact Waterproofing Contractor Singapore to help you get your water leakage fixed.


We specialize in Polyurethane Injection to stop water leakages from cracks or voids in joints and gaskets. We’ve completed numerous projects and are the most effective in the field. Our skilled artisans will make sure that your requirements are met promptly. Using polyurethane foam injection can fill in cracks and stop air and water leaks from foundation walls. It is an effective solution for water leakage. 


Polyurethane foam injection is perfect for filling wide cracks in concrete or masonry surfaces. The polyurethane foams could also use to seal gaps and to seal pipes. Polyurethane foam injection is the best method to stop the wall from leakage. After the foam has been injected, it will expand and fill in the crack to keep water from leaking into the future.


The water will stay on the exterior, not permitting the water to enter the wall. The range of products is diverse, from a simple one-material solution to seal small water leaks to complex multi-variate systems that can effectively stop water from getting into your walls.


What exactly is polyurethane (PU) injection?


water leakage water leakage


PU injection, also referred to as polyurethane injection, is a method of waterproofing that uses expanding Polyurethane to block the water flowing through and the voids and cracks in concrete. This method can effectively address water leakage issues mainly when applied to the bottom of the leakage area or on the ceilings of the lower floors in the room where leaks occur. 


Polyurethane is extremely fast to set and can withstand even the slickest surfaces. The common cracks aren’t as large, and the attempts of these types tend to be smaller Polyurethane is superior to concrete that has slightly moved. The polyurethane-based material can be used to be able to seal quickly and effectively and keep water out.


Property of Polyurethane (PU)


  • They are liquid resins which undergo a chemical change from a liquid into a solid.
  • Since they can have a shorter curing time, they’re ideal for sealing active leaks.
  • They’re low viscosity, which helps stop tiny cracks from forming after curing with moisture.
  • It holds and fixes its flexibility, allowing for modifications to the structure and ensuring that the voids are sealed.


Where can the Polyurethane Crack injections be employed?


For Residential Properties Repairs


  • Injections with PU are a low-cost way to stop leaks that enter your home, especially the water that comes in from outside.
  • They can be injected directly into roofs to stop further roof leakage and prevent the property from being damaged.


For Commercial Properties Repairs


  • It is also a method to fix warehouse or factory flooring, which may become damaged by the long and tiring use of heavy equipment, e.g. forklifts.
  • The injection of PU can be utilized in many areas where there is an apparent leak.
  • They are often used in various areas, including drainage pipes, roofing, and piping.
  • Similar to its residential applications, you can also use it to repair any damage to your property caused by leaks or rain.


The advantages of using a polyurethane crack injection for repairs


  • The water reacts with them and assists in stopping leaks rapidly.


  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • They can withstand solid hydrostatic pressures
  • Forms a firm foam once it cures
  • The application can be made using either an electric or pneumatic pump.
  • When it is fixed, the resin becomes non-toxic.
  • They can be used even in contact with potable water.

Considerations to take when using crack injection with Polyurethane for repairs


  • Resins are highly water-sensitive; therefore, stay away from water unless you intend to use them.
  • Avoid contact with the skin directly.
  • The product should be stored before making it available for processing. It should be processed for a minimum of 12 hours at five degC and 25degC with less than 50 per cent relative humidity
  • Cracks and visible surface leaks must be sealed using fast setting Polyurethane to stop injection resin from spilling out of the damage.
  • Before injecting, the cracks must be cleaned out with clean water to get rid of dirt, dust salts, etc., from the damage.
  • The pumps used to inject the resin are to be flushed, and tools should be cleaned immediately following use before the resin is set.


Using a polyurethane foam injection for repairs to cracks is highly recommended to prevent leaks in the water, and they are more effective than any other repair kit you can find in. In this case, only experts are employed to make sure that your foundations, walls, and masonry cracks remain waterproof.


We’ll make sure that the surfaces you have damaged are fixed to perfection so that you can enjoy the beauty for a longer time.


Waterproofing Contractor Singapore


If you are experiencing water leakage in your home or office, it is important to find a qualified contractor who can help you stop the water leakage and prevent further damage. 


Here at Waterproofing Contractor Singapore, we have years of experience helping people fix their water leaks. We offer different waterproofing services that can solve any water leakage problem, big or small. Contact Waterproofing Contractor Singapore and we can help you put an end to your water woes.

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