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Polyurea can be used in many areas of transportation to protect from wear and corrosion and to save on repair and replacement costs. By lining our transportation assets, it will increase their life span and ensure their protection for a long period of time.


Uses of Polyurea  in Transportation:

  • Lining of rail-cars for protection of product and to prevent sticking
  • Lining of containers for transport of optical grade sand, food, and medical grade plastics
  • Lining of cement mixer trucks and chutes
  • Abrasion resistant coatings in dump truck
  • Protecting high voltage boom trucks from electrical conductivity
  • Abrasion resistance for grain truck trailers
  • Coating trailers for hauling wet salted hides
  • Retrofit sealed rubber transport bladders
  • Prevent rust contamination in plastic pellet rail-cars
  • Highway and bridge overlays
  • Corrosion protection for freezer truck trailers
  • Iron ore transport vehicles
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