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Materials and Techniques used For Torch-On Waterproofing In Singapore


Torch-On Waterproofing Torch-On Waterproofing


Have you ever witnessed people working on the building’s roof employing flames to lay the material on the structure’s internal walls? If yes, then you may have noticed torch-on waterproofing. For most of us, “torch-on waterproofing” will be a foreign concept.


Torch-on waterproofing is a method employed by waterproofing contractors for waterproofing commercial and residential homes outside. The technique is well-known for its effectiveness and durability; it’s only a technique for professionals. Most suppliers of components used in this method will only offer the required details to professional waterproofing experts.

Techniques For Torch-On Waterproofing


Torch-on roofing is the application of a specially modified asphalt called bitumen. In essence, bitumen is an oil that comes from crude oil. The less well-known benefit of using bitumen is that it is not harmful to the environment but is highly impervious to the effects of water.

Combining synthetic polymers with asphalt results in a waterproofing material that is pliable but also resists hardness. 


With its proven waterproofing abilities, the method also features specific insulation properties that ensure a more steady indoor temperature.


Typically, this process starts with a layer of fibreglass felt to serve as a base layer used as a roofing material to be burned on. After that, the bitumen is rolled off. A torch is used to melt asphalt, making the layers more durable by heating.


The final step is to apply more or other layers based on your demands based on your requirements.


The Torch-On Waterproofing System


The expression “Torch-on” originates from the method roofers use to apply it. It is among the most popular waterproofing methods, which involves using the blowtorch for melting modified asphalt with viscous organic liquids over the surface.


It is most often used on flat roofs with a slight angle, and It is an excellent waterproofing solution that will last for more than 20 years, based on the number of layers employed. Other popular uses for torch-on waterproofing are balconies, decks, and planter boxes, and this is an example of its versatility and application.


Different types of Torch-On Membranes


There are two significant kinds of torch-on membranes contractors utilize for their projects – APP & SBS. It is imperative to know that contractors should never mix or cross over the two torch-on membranes.


Atactic Polypropylene plastic (APP)


Arctic Polypropylene Plastic modified asphalt is one of the widely employed types of torch-on membrane. It can melt when heated by the torch and provides construction companies with the versatility and comfort needed to complete their projects.


Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)


Styrene Butadiene Styrene is an asphalt that has been modified by rubber and is, however, unable to burn well. It is why it’s mainly used for wall flashings or areas which require a very flexible sheet.


Benefits of this technique


High Reliability


This is a well-tested technique that can be used in many different scenarios. The torch-on method creates a highly waterproof, and in addition, it’s puncture-resistant. You don’t need to think about an unexpected roof water leakage.




Its durability is enough to last for over ten years, based on the number of layers employed. Additionally, torch-on systems can help reflect harmful sun rays and be non-biodegradable, non-water-soluble and non-carcinogenic.


Environment Friendly


The fumes released during the torch-on process aren’t harmful to the respiratory system and have a relatively low carbon footprint.


It does not require the roof removal


In contrast to the majority of waterproof methods, this roofing method can be installed on existing roofing. This permits a quick process and the unique requirements of extraordinary circumstances. But, it is recommended to remove the existing roof to ensure it can be torch-on so that your roofing can last longer.


It is suitable for various other areas of application

The Torch-on waterproofing method is ideal for full sub-soil and immersion applications. It is an excellent option to seal areas like decks, balconies, roofing, and box gutters and planter boxes.


The disadvantages of this technique


Professional Installation is required


Because of the specific level of expertise needed to install torch-on roofing, hiring an expert in waterproofing is necessary to complete the installation. It is an exhausting process that involves many layers and a blowtorch. When there is a fire involved, it’s better to leave it to professionals who are competent in managing fire danger risks.


Slightly Pricey


The expected price will be more costly because of the lengthy procedure to apply roofing with torch-on waterproofing. However, the advantage is that roofing made of torch-on lasts for a very long duration (>10 decades) and is exceptionally long-lasting. In the end, it’s an affordable long-term solution that requires less initial investment.


Waterproofing Contractor Singapore


You’ve learned everything you need to be aware of regarding the torch-on process of waterproofing. The first thing you must always do is engage a waterproofing company located in Singapore to get an initial consultation and a quote.


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