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One-component, ready-to-use reactive asphalt, applied cold, for repairing holes in roads.


Quick repairs to asphalt road surfaces and industrial floors without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Some application examples

• Repairing holes in roads and motorways.
• Repairing holes in industrial floors.
• Repairing pavements and car-parks.
• Repairing roads damaged by freezing weather.
• Repairing loading/unloading areas.
• To make small access ramps for pavements, garages and private entrances.


Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 is a one-component, pre-blended, solvent-free, ready-to-use reactive asphalt which is applied cold. Thanks to a special chemical process, it hardens in exposed areas when in contact with water so road surfaces may be repaired quickly without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 has the capacity to resist high loads if applied on solid, clean, solid, well-compacted substrates not subject to any movement/deflection.

With Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8, holes from 20 mm to 70 mm deep may be repaired with a single layer. Deeper cavities may be repaired by applying several separate layers, but each single layer must be wetted and compacted accordingly.

Once hardened, Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 does not soften, even at high temperatures, it is resistant to freezing weather, rain and guarantees a durable, stable repair similar to conventional hot applied asphalt.


Preparation of the substrate

The substrate must be clean, sound and free of all waste material and any standing water. During the winter, if there is ice on the road, it must be removed to make sure the product bonds well to the substrate.

Preparation of the product

Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 is supplied ready to use and does not need any mixing prior to application.


Pour Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 directly into the hole to be repaired and spread using a trowel, spatula, rake or shovel to form a layer which is slightly proud of the surface to be repaired. Wet the surface of the product evenly (0.5-1.0 litre per 25 kg drums). Compact the repaired area immediately by tamping, using a mechanical vibratory plate compactor or a road-roller for large areas. Complete hardening takes several hours, depending on the surrounding temperature. To make the product harden more quickly, add a small amount of water (0.5 litres) directly in the drum and then shake to distribute the water evenly. Pour the product in the hole to be repaired, spread it out, wet the surface with the remaining water (0.5 litres) and fully compact down into the hole. Light to medium traffic passing over the repaired area will assist in the compaction of the product without damaging it.

In areas where vehicles have to manoeuvre, do not go over the surface that has been repaired until the product has completely hardened.


If Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 is applied at around 0°C, before using the product, store it in a warm place to improve its workability. In this case there is no need to wet the product, it may be compacted directly. The product hardens more slowly at low temperatures.

When the temperature is higher than +5°C, wet the surface of Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 with water before compacting it.


Tools used to apply the product may be cleaned with bio-diesel or white spirit.


Approximately 23 kg/m² per centimetre of thickness (approx. 11 l of volume per drum).


25 kg drums.


Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 may be stored for up to 9 months in its original, sealed packaging in a cool, dry, covered area protected from direct sunlight and frost. If the packaging is damaged, Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 may cure slowly due to the intrusion of moisture.


Mape-Asphalt Repair 0/8 is not considered hazardous according to current standards and regulations regarding the classification of mixtures. It is however recommended to use gloves, eye protection and to take the usual precautions when handling chemical products.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Material Safety Data Sheet.



Although the technical details and recommendations contained in this product data sheet correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience, all the above information must, in every case, be taken as merely indicative and subject to confirmation after long-term practical application; for this reason, anyone who intends to use the product must ensure beforehand that it is suitable for the envisaged application. In every case, the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product.

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