Learn about shower enclosure glass

Choosing and installing glass in the bathroom is becoming a trend in interior design. Specially, choosing the right glass for your shower enclosure can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. We have many glass options ranging in opacity for the degree of privacy desired as well as textured design elements to achieve a unique, one of a kind look.

View our options below paired with some shower door inspiration.


Clear glass creates an open and airy look to any bathroom. It can also be used to make a smaller space feel bigger.


Our Obscure glass features a semi-private glass with a slightly blurred effect. This is an ideal option for some privacy while also achieving an open and airy look.


The Rain glass option creates a dramatic waterfall effect. Looking for a statement piece for your bathroom? This is the glass for you!

Clear Beveled

Clear Beveled glass extends design onto your shower door. This is perfect if you are looking for a design element to finish off the bathroom of your dreams.

Clear Etched

Looking for some privacy while also achieving an open look? Clear Etched is for you. This option provides privacy right where you want it most.


Adding texture to your bathroom door is a great way to add some flare and personality. Our Fluted glass features vertical flutes to create unique texture.


Silk provides the ultimate privacy for your shower. This option features a steamy look for maximum privacy, while still letting in ample light.


Looking for a happy medium between openness and privacy? Strata’s modern textured design allows you to have the best of both worlds.


Tempest’s textured look includes artistic flair that adds beauty to any space.



Want more privacy and a design element? Vessence features tiny bubbles that texture the glass for added privacy and an eye-catching element all in one.


Autumn’s leaf-like prints offer texture and interest. This look is sure to be a focal point in your space.

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